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A lie is still a lie, though repeated a thousand times

Gulibah Mamatili,Associate Professor of Xinjiang Medical University

Recently, former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo once again staged the "doomsday madness" of "carrying the lie to the end", fabricating the so-called allegation of genocide against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, and distorting the truth that people are enjoying a harmonious and happy life. He blatantly interferes in China's internal affairs and spares no effort to smear and defile China. How absurd and disgusting such a man is!

As an intellectual born and brought up in Xinjiang, I participate, experience, witness and benefit from of Xinjiang’s stable development. I am so outraged that I strongly condemn his shameless actions! Mike Pompeo, the liar, I will tell you that, a lie remains a lie at all, no matter how many times it is repeated. The purpose of your low-down trick of slanders and rumors is evident: to curb Xinjiang's prosperity and stability and to contain China’s development as well. You are silly, ignorant, bad and vicious. What you have done would turn yourself into a "laughingstock" of the world!

My growth experience. In the late 1960s, I was born in a worker's family in Xinjiang. Benefited from the preferential policies in Xinjiang, I have grown into an expert in education and medicine and a hospital manager as well, shouldering the responsibility of a doctor. I was a representative of the 12th National Women's Congress and a member of CPPCC of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Furthermore, I was awarded Medal for Xinjiang Development and Construction and the National May 1st Labor Medal.

To put the people’s interests first – nothing is more precious than people’s lives. In 2020, I have personally experienced the battle against Covid-19. Facing this unexpected and devastating disease, people of all ethnic groups have exhibited enormous tenacity and solidarity. Upholding the principle of “putting people’s interests and lives first and protecting people’s lives and health at all cost”, all of our medical workers, keeping in mind the original mission of doctors, have grappled with the epidemic at the front line without any hesitation, and spared no effort to treat patients and save lives. The free universal nucleic acid test has been offered and eventually the spread of the virus has been curbed.

Everyone enjoys equal opportunities. As an ethnic minority medical educator, I have been sent to study in such renowned universities as Peking University, Shanghai Tongji University, Nanjing Medical University, etc. To show my gratitude to the Party and to repay the society, I have passed on what I’ve learned to other medical workers to treat more patients. In recent years, I have trained two dental teams from two hospitals and dozens of medical students of various ethnic groups across the country. Like me, they also improve themselves by learning and practicing. With superb proficiency, they could offer better service to people of all ethnic groups.

At present, the region is experiencing its most auspicious period of development. People of all ethnic groups are like pomegranate seeds, tightly embracing one another. In the peaceful and harmonious society, people have a much stronger sense of security, fulfillment and happiness. An increasing number of young Uygurs have gone out of their hometowns and worked in cities to create a beautiful and happy life with their own hands, and thus getting rid of poverty. Many of them have built new houses in their hometowns and are enjoying a more prosperous life.

Facts speak louder than words. The truth about Xinjiang is what Pompeo cannot and is unwilling to see. The purpose of his line of lies is to instigate ethnic relations, destabilize Xinjiang, curb Xinjiang's development, and mislead international public opinion. Today's Xinjiang has never been more peaceful, stable, safe, prosperous and vibrant. Today’s happy life is not a windfall, but the fruit of the painstaking labors of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

However, Pompeo doesn’t care about the truth about Xinjiang, nor does he care about the happiness of the ethnic minorities in this region. What he believes in is the absurdity that "a lie turns into the truth when repeated a thousand times". And what he does is to stage a farce, like an ostrich burying his head in the sand and shutting his eyes and ears, with an evil intention of destabilizing Xinjiang so as to fish in troubled water, leaving the ethnic minorities into chaos and extreme poverty. What he means to do is nothing but to make trouble for China, as well as to stop Xinjiang’s endeavors for progress. Pompeo, the liar of the century, no one will believe your rumors, no one will fall into your trap!

Here, I want to warn Pompeo that, in the face of the truth about Xinjiang’s prosperity and development, the more your clumsy performances are, and the more you reveal your true colors. You would never profit at the expense of others, and on the contrary, you would bring trouble to yourself. As a Uygur saying goes, "Those who have evil intentions will get no peace." Pompeo, the ill-intentioned clown, your attempt to undermine Xinjiang’s prosperity and stability and to contain China’s development is doomed to fail. Your so-called "genocide" rumors are doomed to go into bankruptcy. What you have done would turn yourself into a "laughingstock" of the history! In your last years, you are destined not to live a peaceful life!