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The beautiful Xinjiang is not allowed to be slung mud to and the good life is witnessed by you and me

GuliBatin Camille,Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office, School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xinjiang Medical University

Recently, Mike Pompeo concocted a Xinjiang-related fallacy, slandering that China had committed "genocide and crimes against humanity" against Uygur Muslims and other minorities in Xinjiang. What is his evil intention? Pompeo has never visited Xinjiang or seen with his own eyes the truth about this region, but he has always harbored despicable political purpose to attack and deliberately discredit Xinjiang, and grossly interfere in China's internal affairs. His evil intention is as plain as the nose on his face.

Xinjiang is experiencing its most auspicious period of development, with its economy developing rapidly, people’s living standard improving greatly, its cities and countryside changing significantly and people of all ethnic groups uniting as one. Only those who live here have the final word about Xinjiang's current situation. I am a Kazakh. All the people around me have been living harmoniously like a family, even since the kindergarten years. With the care and help of my teachers and my family, I was admitted to Central South University, and later worked there when I got my master’s degree. All my achievements would be impossible without Xinjiang’s preferential policies and the care and support of my teachers and leaders.

My grandparents and father often remind me that, thanks to the good educational environment and excellent living conditions, my father and his other 3 sisters and brothers have the possibility to bring up 10 children. All the five children of my father have received higher education and have got jobs with enterprises or institutions, and later got married respectively. I returned to Xinjiang where I was born and brought up, to work as a student counselor, my favorite job, at Xinjiang Medical University. I often share my experience with my students, instructing them to discover personally and share with each other the great changes around them, and to perceive Xinjiang's development and progress from the perspective of university students. The students of all ethnic groups mutually understand, communicate with, and tolerate each other, tightly embracing one and other like pomegranate seeds.

As an educator, I firmly believe that it is the good policies of the Party that bring a happy life to the people, and I will not allow anyone to destroy this hard-won happy life. We should be fully aware of Pompeo’s sinful nature and see through his ugly face, and be brave to speak our mind. He is doomed to be discarded in the dustbin of history.