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Pompeo, mind your own business and stop being so shameless

 Shayidan Abra,a teacher of Hotan Uygur Medical College

On January 20, I found that former US secretary of state Mike Pompeo had concocted once again lies about Xinjiang, declaring that China’s policies on Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang committed “crimes against humanity “and “genocide". These so-called "facts" grossly interfered in China's internal affairs. He condescendingly harped on and slung mud at Xinjiang’s human rights conditions and the law-based de-radicalization measures, which was obviously of "double standards" on the issues of counter-terrorism. As a Party official and teacher born and brought up in Xinjiang, as well as one who has participated in, experienced, witnessed and benefited from Xinjiang’s stable development, I am so outraged that I firmly oppose to and strongly condemn his shameless slanders!

My name is Shayidan Abra, an ordinary teacher in the Audio-visual Education Center of Xinjiang Uygur Medical College, and the mother of two children. My husband works in a township government organ. And we live in Hotan, Xinjiang. The society here is stable, and the city is bustling with life. People here are enjoying a harmonious and happy life.

Hotan is at the forefront of the battle against separatism and infiltration. As Chinese citizens living here, we learn the truth better than others and have a louder voice. For some time in the past, under the combined influence of separatists, religious extremists and terrorists, Xinjiang had seen frequent incidents of terrorist attacks, which had been detrimental to the life and property of people of all ethnic groups and had trampled on people’s dignity. At that time, under the influence of religious extremism, I didn't dare to wear beautiful clothes to go shopping. Almost no one dared to go for leisure and entertainment in the famous Unity Square in Hotan during the day time. People were overshadowed by terrorism! People of all ethnic groups longed for the Party and the government to take strong measures to make some changes. Xinjiang’s law-based measures to fight against terrorism and extremism have won support from people of all ethnic groups. At present, there have been no violent and terrorist cases in Xinjiang for more than four consecutive years. People are enjoying a happy life and everyone wears a smile on the face. They all benefit from harmony and stability. The housing conditions of farmers and herdsmen have improved greatly, and they are provided access to power, tap water, internet and heating facilities. More than 90% of medical reimbursements are provided. People of all ethnic groups are grateful and sing praises all the time. This is what is happening around me.

In 2020, Coronavirus raged all over the world. Pompeo made full use of his tricks of “scapegoating” and “smearing” China for their own ineptitude and failure in dealing with the deadly virus by playing a blame game and stigmatizing the country. But the vast majority of countries would be sharp-eyed as they have an objective and fair assessment. China gave timely notification to the WHO of the onset of a new coronavirus. Upholding the principle of putting the people’s interests and lives first, China took decisive, resolute and scientific measures, and spared no effort to treat patients and save lives, thus protecting the lives, safety and health of people of all ethnic groups, including Uygurs, to the greatest extent.

Ignoring history and truth, Pompeo is deliberately biased against China and his remarks reflect Cold War mentality. The so-called "crimes against humanity" and "genocide" are false propositions deliberately concocted by Pompeo. It is nothing but a farce he staged. The so-called made-in-China "crimes against humanity" and "genocide" did not, does not and will not happen in this land. Mike Pompeo, notorious for lying and cheating, is turning himself into a clown with his last-day madness and lies of the century.

Alas, Clown Pompeo, if you really want to know whether or not the situation in Xinjiang is as "bad" as you said, welcome to Xinjiang. I will pay for your flight. I send you an invitation. Let the fact talk. But shut your mouth before visiting Xinjiang. And remember to wear your mask!