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Lies and Truth — Comments on Pompey’s Fallacy

Malihaba Olam, Xinjiang University

Pompeo ignored the truth, created all kinds of lies and fallacies without any bottom line, made an unprovoked attack to Chinese government, which have seriously violated the norms governing international relation and lacked the most basic moral conscience.

“Genocide” VS Population Development

From Pompeo’s so-called “re-education camp” to “forced labor”, from all kinds of so-called “research papers” to what is called “internal documents of Xinjiang”, from the “Uygur Human Rights Policy Act” and “ Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act” and other Xinjiang-related bills, to the recently escalating Xinjiang-related sanctions and various diplomatic attacks on international multilateral occasions, Pompeo’s rampage against Chinese government has been continuously strengthening and upgrading.

At the moment of stepping down, Pompeo was still obsessed with continuing spread poison on Xinjiang-related issues. On January 19, Pompeo affirmed China has committed the crimes of genocide and against humanity to Uygur and other minorities in Xinjiang. Pompeo used these usual lies to make groundless accusation of China’s policy governing Xinjiang, sow discord among ethnic groups, destroy stability and unity, mislead international public opinion and wantonly interfere in China’s internal affairs.

The truth is: from 2010 to 2018, the population of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang increased 2,874,900 people, up 22.14%, which was 13.99% higher than the increase population of Xinjiang. Among them, the Uygur population increased from 10.1715 million to 12.7184 million, an increase of 2,546,900 people, up 25.04%.

Even though the truth has already been told to the world, Pompeo has always turned a deaf ear to it. He persisted in the false claim that the Chinese government had imposed forced sterilizations, abortion and family planning on Uygur and other ethnic minorities living in Xinjiang, and indulged in self-woven nonsense about “genocide”. This kind of confusion between black and white, an act of unbridled madness, disregarding the interests of the Chinese and American peoples, seriously hurts the feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

Terrorism VS Human Rights Protection

For a period of time, Xinjiang has been deeply affected by ethnic separatist forces, religious extremist forces and violent terrorist forces. Terrorist attacks frequently happened, which caused great harm to safety of life and property of people of all nationalities. It seriously trampled on human dignity and basic human rights. From 1990 to the end of 2016, thousands of violent and terrorist cases committed by “Three Forces” occurred in Xinjiang and other places. A large number of innocent people have been killed. Property damage could not be estimated.

Respecting and protecting human rights is a principle of the Chinese Constitution. Chinese government carries out anti-terrorism activities and the fight against extremism in accordance with the Constitution. It is also an important part of the international community’s fight against terrorism, fully in line with the United Nations fight against terrorism, uphold the purposes and principles of fundamental human rights.

Practice has proved, there have been no violent terrorist cases in Xinjiang for more than four consecutive years. Criminal cases, public order cases, danger cases and public security incidents have dropped significantly. Extremism has got effective inhibition. The social security situation has improved markedly. The right to subsistence, fundamental rights such as the right to development of the people of all ethnic groups have been guaranteed to the maximum extent. In the face of the hard facts, Pompeo resorted to sophistry that terrorist violence in Xinjiang had nothing to do with counter-terrorism. It was a violation of the human rights of ethnic minorities and a connivance and support to the terrorist violence.

“Forced labor” VS Poverty Alleviation

Pompeo raised the banner of “human rights”. On the one hand, professed to care about the ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, on the other hand, he also issued a statement behind the back to enterprises to pay attention to the supply chain “risks” associated with entities allegedly involved in “human rights violations”, including “postnatal work” in Xinjiang and other parts of China.

In fact, since 2008, 151,000 surplus work force of poor families from southern Xinjiang have been accumulated and transferred in Xinjiang, many of whose annual income have reached 45,000 yuan. All of them have achieved poverty alleviation. Ethnic minority migrant workers whose household registered in Xinjiang, as part of the vast number of workers in China, all rights and interests are protected by law. Pompeo’s behavior of suppressing Xinjiang enterprises fully exposed his will to stifle Xinjiang’s development, the hypocritical and ugly face to sow discord between China’s ethnic relations.

As a native of Xinjiang, for 45 years, I have witnessed the development and progress of my hometown. People of all nationalities live and work in peace and contentment. And fully enjoying such basic rights as the right of subsistence and development.

However, Pompeo ignored the facts, incited ethnic hatred continuously, created national division, slandered wantonly, accused Xinjiang of anti-terrorism, de-radicalization measures and outcomes for no reason. The shameless act of aiding and abetting will be spurned by the forces of justice. It will certainly arouse the anger of all the people with conscience in China and the world!