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A Lie Is A Lie and Justice Is in the Heart of People

Mahemuti Abuduwaili, Deputy Director, History Institute of Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences

On January 19, 2021, Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, a liar by nature, released a statement declaring on behalf of the State Department a determination that “China committed crimes against humanity and genocide against Muslim Uyghurs and other members of ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang. ”These venomous lies are full of fallacy, cannot stand scrutiny and are already discarded in the dustbin of history.

Lies are indications of guilt. Pompeo employs the meanest tricks to smear and sling mud at China’s Xinjiang policies. No lies ever deny the truth and facts speak louder than words. Its policy is to stabilize and benefit Xinjiang. The so-called “genocide” is nothing but fallacy, exposing their evil intention. Pompeo breaks through the bottom line of morality and international law time and again, interferes in China’s internal affairs, undermines its interests and hurts Chinese people’s feelings. Pompeo deliberately slanders the situation of human rights in China’s Xinjiang, makes malicious attack against its policy governing Xinjiang, blatantly tramples on the fundamental principles of international law and international relations and grossly interferes in its internal affairs. As a Uyghur intellectual, I am strongly indignant and opposed to it.

Pompeo turns a blind eye to China’s anti-terrorism, de-radicalization and protection of human rights and ignores the good situation of economic development, social stability, ethnic solidarity and religious harmony.Instead he fabricates lies to slander China’s righteousness in fighting terrorism and extremism. The people of all ethnic groups strongly condemn it. Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang. Its affairs belong to China’s internal affairs. No country can ever interfere in its internal affairs. Only the people of all ethnic groups including the Uyghur people in Xinjiang have the final say over whether the policies governing Xinjiang and countermeasures against terrorism are good or effective. Nobody else can do that.

Truth cannot be covered. I am a Uyghur expert on history, having grown up under the warm sunshine of the big family of the Chinese nation. I was born in a small town at the foot of Kunlun Mountains. Under the great care of the party and local government, the five children in my family went to college. While attending college, as an ethnic minority student, I had never paid for tuition and accommodation, and been granted adequate food allowance. Since graduation from college, I have worked in Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences with many intellectuals.

During my tenure in Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences, I was lucky to be included in the Project for the Cultivation of High-calibre Talents from Ethnic Minority Groups. Aided by CSC (China Scholarship Council), I visited the Center of Asian Study of University of British Columbia in Canada as a visiting scholar for one year. Over that year, I got my monthly pay from my work unit on time and received monthly living allowance from the Chinese embassy in Canada. On National Day that year, as a representative of ethnic minority scholars, I joined the oversea Chinese students in “Ode to the Motherland”and was moved to tears. I personally experienced the great strength of our motherland and had a stronger sense of national identity.

After returning to the motherland, I applied for the Project for the Cultivation of High-calibre Talents from Ethnic Minority Groups and visited History Research Institute of Nanjing University as a senior visiting scholar for two years. Later I furthered my study as a PHD student at Nanjing University and got my doctorate successfully.

I am the witness of great times and historical change, and the beneficiary of the Project for the Cultivation of High-calibre Talents from Ethnic Minority Groups. Thanks to the great care of the Communist Party, I was able to come out of the remotest small town, receive higher education, become a PHD in history and take up the current post.There are a large number of Uyghur intellectuals around me and across China. National cultivation of the high-calibre talents of all ethnic groups including Uyghur people and ethnic policies have changed the fate of tens of thousands of Uyghur people like me. The Communist Party of China attaches great importance to the training and selection of ethnic minority carders. As a Uyghur intellectual cultivated by our party and government, I have personally witnessed and experienced the tremendous historical change, rising up, getting well-off and prosperity of our great nation, the great achievements in social development and a splendid life as a result of working together and ethnic solidarity.

As a clean hand wants no washing, those who are turbid will be turbid. The so-called Xinjiang issues are not issues of human rights, ethnicities and religion, but of counter-terrorism and anti-secession.The actions taken in Xinjiang have effectively contained the once frequent violent and terrorist crimes, safeguarded national unity and guaranteed the fundamental rights of life, health and development of the people of all ethnic groups. At present, Xinjiang is experiencing its most auspicious period of development and prosperity, enjoying sustained economic development, social stability, a better standard of living, unprecedented cultural prosperity and solidarity among all ethnic groups. There hasn’t been any violent or terrorist case over the past four years and the right of life of people of all ethnic groups have been guaranteed. It is the best indication of respecting human rights, having won strong support in the national and and international communities.

Under the pretext of human rights, Pompeo aims to sling mud at China, jeopardize the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang, undermine ethnic solidarity and contain China’s development. He spreads too many venomous rumors on Xinjiang-related issues in order to drive wedges between ethnic groups, destroy the stability in Xinjiang, impede its development and mislead world opinion. It is totally wrong reckoning. No anti-China force can ever block the drive of stability and development in Xinjiang and damage its good situation of prosperity and harmony.