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Look at the Ugly Notorious Liar Pompeo, the God of Plague

Maierdan Mugaiti, Deputy Director of Emergency Management Department,Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

Pompeo, the god of plague, made groundless accusations and ill-intended smear against Xinjiang when his days were numbered. We can see Pompeo’s ugly face as the god of plague and the worst Secretary of State in the US history. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang strongly condemn and oppose all these shameless slanders and vile acts.

The so-called “genocide” in Xinjiang is a lie concocted by some anti-China forces and a staged farce to smear and defile China. As an official cultivated by the Communist Party for many years, having worked in South Xinjiang for 18 years, I have witnessed the earthshaking change of Xinjiang and got the strong sense of well-being living in the big family of the Chinese nation. The life expectancy of Xinjiang residents grew from 30 to 72 years over the past six decades or so. According to statistics, the permanent population in Xinjiang increased by 13.99% from 2010 to 2018. The Uyghur population increased by 25.04%, higher than that of the entire population in Xinjiang, which stood at 13.99 %, and much higher than the growth rate of the Han population, which was 2 %. It may well be asked whether there is the so-called “genocide” with a high increase of population. Does Pompeo know the least common sense?

Pompeo’s vile attack against “forced labour” in Xinjiang is a completely false allegation. Everyone freely chooses his or her job, work duty and work place in accordance with China’s Labor Law and Labor Contract Law. The rights of remuneration for labor, rest and vacation, labor health and safety protection and social security benefits are protected pursuant to the law. The so-called “forced labour” is non-existent. Pompeo’s slinging mud at labor in Xinjiang is nothing but a worn-out and concocted lie.

Pompeo’s accusation of Xinjiang violating human rights is sheer nonsense. The villain’s ill-intention is known to all. Pompeo tells bare-faced lies. The people of all ethnic groups are very clear about his false care, real interference, genuine destruction and prettifying his notorious political assets. As a matter of fact, the situation of human rights has been improving significantly in Xinjiang and the people of all ethnic groups enjoy a much stronger sense of fulfillment, well-being and safety. There hasn’t been any violent or terrorist case over the past four years, with a drastic fall in criminal cases, cases of endangering public security and public security cases. People’s thirst and anticipation for safety and stability has been achieved up to now. Steady and healthy economic development has been scored in Xinjiang. From 2014 to 2019, gross regional product in Xinjiang increased from RMB0.91959 trillion to 1.35971 trillion (an average annual nominal growth of 7.2%). The general public budget revenue increased from RMB 128.23 billion to 157.76 billion (an average annual nominal growth of 5.7%). With people’s living standards improved markedly, the per capita disposable income of residents in Xinjiang increased by 9.1%. Public infrastructures improved comprehensively and all the prefectures entered into the age of highways. All the administrative villages had access to tarmacked roads, bus services, electricity and fiber optic broadband. Xinjiang made the historic achievement of establishing a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieved decisive success in eradicating extreme poverty. Under the current standard, Xinjiang has eradicated extreme poverty for over 3 million people affected, and all the 3,666 impoverished villages and 32 impoverished counties have shaken off poverty. Absolute poverty has been eliminated historically. Nine-year compulsory education has covered the whole region. Three-year preschool education and twelve-year basic education have covered South Xinjiang. Everyone enjoys free physical examination and increasingly sound health care. Housing project for low-income residents and herdsmen settlement project have enabled over 10 million residents to move into safe and comfortable new apartments. All kinds of policies benefiting people contribute much to making the people of all ethnic groups enjoy a happy life. The people of all ethnic groups including Uyghur people are the beneficiaries and witnesses of a series of policies benefiting them. Pompeo can never smear and cover the real truth of what is happening in Xinjiang.

Upon this globe so small

A few flies are running against the wall.

They hum and squeak,

With pain they shriek,

With spasms they squall.

An ant on a locust would boast it was a big country;

A pismire could not find it easy to shake one tree.

(Reply to Comrade Guo Moruo, trans. Xu Yuanchong)

The poem written by Chairman Mao Zedong against international anti-China forces can also be sent to Pompeo, the god of plague. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are united closely as seeds of a pomegranate. Can a pismire shake a tree? Pompeo ridiculously overrates himself. Pompeo’s evil acts as doomed clowns will inevitably be pinned onto the shameful pole of human history. There is no better place than the dustbin of history for Pompeo and all his vicious lies and influence.

Goodbye, Pompeo, the “god of plague”!