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Sing the Voice of Xinjiang and Smash Pompeo’s Doomsday Lies

Zhaodeti Abduhader, Vice President of Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tried his best to smear China on Xinjiang-related issues before stepping down from the office, calling Xinjiang’s ethnic minority policies “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. Such practices have seriously trampled on international law and the basic norms governing international relations, seriously interfered in China’s internal affairs and seriously hurt the feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. I feel extremely indignant and dissatisfied. I firmly oppose and strongly condemn Pompeo’s “doomsday lies”!

As dark clouds cannot cover up the sun, a thousand lies cannot cover up a fact. The so-called Xinjiang-related issues are anti-terrorist and anti-separatist issues,not ethnic, religious and human rights issues at all. Now Xinjiang has a harmonious and stable society, sustained economic development, people living and working in peace and contentment, ethnic minorities’ customs and habits are respected and inherited, and the policy of freedom of religious belief is implemented. There have been no violent and terrorist cases in Xinjiang for more than four years. In addition, criminal cases, public security cases, and public security incidents have decreased significantly. These facts are the most powerful evidence to debunk Pompeo’s lies. It can be seen that Pompeo’s attempt to stir up ethnic relations in Xinjiang, destroy social stability in Xinjiang, hinder the development of Xinjiang and mislead international opinion is a shameless farce written and directed by himself before he left the office.

My name is Zhaodeti Abuduhader, born in Urumqi in 1963. I am a Uyghur cadre growing up step by step in Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences.We have been under the care and benefit of the Party and the government, and we have personally experienced the development, reform and construction of Xinjiang. My father was one of the first generation of senior minority intellectuals who came out of the poor family after the founding of People’s Republic of China. What he said to me frequently was that the happy life of our family and the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang was inseparable from the correct leadership of the Communist Party of China and the Party’s ethnic policies. As a Uyghur leading cadre educated and trained by the Party for many years, I was the working team leader and general leader from January 2016 to April 2020 on the mission of “Fang Hui Ju (abbreviation of a special program initiated by the government of Xinjiang in March 2014, aiming at “investigating the conditions of the people, serving the interests of the people, and winning the hearts of the people ” . In nearly four and a half years and more than 1600 days and nights, I led the four village working teams and eight First Secretaries sent by our hospital to give full play to the advantages of science and technology in Kumuxilik Township, Shule County and take the initiative to help the township. As a participant, I have witnessed the earth-shaking changes in the economy and society of south Xinjiang and the life of Uyghurs.

Since the founding of People’s Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening up, under the strong support of the Party’s science and technology development policy and talent training policy, many ethnic minority leading cadres and experts in Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences have benefited from the Party’s good policies and contributed to the stability and prosperity of Xinjiang.Researcher Arif Elxi has worked with the team to cultivate excellent cotton. There are more than 20 high-quality island cotton varieties and multi-type upland cotton new varieties, with a total application area of more than 20 thousand square kilometers, making Xinjiang a leading region in the cultivation of new cotton varieties in China. In 2000, researcher Bai Dengsha Maimaiti Aili was selected to participate in the special training program of Xinjiang minority backbone talents in science and technology, and applied for two grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China and mastered advanced research methods. Young scientific and technological workers, such as Yushanjiang Maimaiti, Maierhaba Aihemaiti and Ainijiang Ersman, enjoyed the Party’s education policy and studied for their doctorates. In the past three years, Ma Lei, Mao Wulan, Wang Bin and others have been selected and sent to Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to conduct the “Light of the West” visiting scholar training program in accordance with the Party’s good policy on personnel training. Through the hard work of several generations of agricultural scientists including those from different ethnic groups, each scientific research worker has formed his own advantageous research field, trained and brought up a large number of well-known experts of different ethnic groups, and made important contributions to the guarantee of food security, biological security and industrial development of the autonomous region.

Now Xinjiang is more united, more stable and more harmonious than ever before. People of all ethnic groups protect the harmonious, stable and prosperous development of Xinjiang like protecting their own eyes. I call on everyone to join hands, like pomegranate seeds unite and work hard, and strive to maintain the hard-won unity, stability and happiness of a better life.No matter whenever and wherever we are,let us sing the “great voice of Xinjiang” with our own feelings and experiences to smash Pompeo’s doomsday lies!