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Pompeo, Please Stop Being Shameless!

Xiayidan Abra, Teacher of Hotan Uyghur Medical College

On January 20, I read the former US Secretary of State Pompeo’s Xinjiang-related remarks which falsely claimed that China’s policies towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang were “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. These so-called “facts” have interfered with China’s internal affairs, wantonly slandered the human rights situation in Xinjiang and the anti-terrorism and de- radicalization measures taken in accordance with the law, and fully exposed Pompeo’s “double standards” on the anti-terrorism issue. As a native Uyghur Communist Party member and teacher in Xinjiang, as a participant, witness, and beneficiary of its stable development, I am extremely indignant and express my firm opposition and strong condemnation!

My name is Xiayidan Abra, a teacher in the Audio-video Education Center of Xinjiang Uyghur Medical College. I am also the mother of two children. My husband works in the township government. My family lives in Hotan, Xinjiang. The society here is stable, the streets are bustling, people live and work in peace and contentment, and live a very happy life.

As Chinese citizens living in Hotan, Xinjiang, the forefront of the anti-separatist and anti-osmosis campaign, we know its truth better and have a better say than others. For some time, Xinjiang was deeply affected by ethnic separatist forces, religious extremist forces, and violent terrorist forces. Terrorist attacks occurred frequently, causing great harm to the life and property safety of people of all ethnic groups, and seriously trampling on human dignity. Influenced by religious extremism, I dared not to wear beautiful clothes to go shopping. No one dared to go for leisure and entertainment during the day at the famous Unity Square in Hotan. People lived in the shadow of “terror”! People of all ethnic groups expected the Party and the government to take effective measures to change it. The anti-terrorism and de-radicalization measures adopted by Xinjiang in accordance with the law have won the support of people of all ethnic groups, and no violent terrorist cases have taken place for more than four years. People of all ethnic groups are full of joy and smiles. People enjoy the dividends of harmony and stability. When farmers and herdsmen live in buildings, water, electricity, network and heating are guaranteed, and more than 90% of medical expenses are reimbursed. People of all ethnic groups are grateful and praise all the time. These things really happen around me.

In 2020, Covid-19 wreaked havoc around the world. Pompeo is good at throwing “blaming” and “smearing”, throwing the “blame” of Covid-19 on China. However, after Covid-19 outbreak, our country adhered to the principle of “supremacy of life”. We took resolute, scientific and decisive measures to spare no effort to cure the patients, and to protect the life and health of all the people including the Uyghurs. What has Pompeo done for the people of his country? Does he have the nerve to talk nonsense?

Pompeo’s remarks ignored history and reality, and were full of strong ideological bias and Cold War mentality. The so-called “crimes against humanity” and “genocide” perpetrated by China in Xinjiang are nothing but a false and malicious farce concocted by Pompeo. They only exist in the ugly political conspiracies of Pompeo and his likes. They have never been, are not and will not happen in China. Pompeo, an American politician notorious for lying and deceiving, is turning himself into a clown with his doomsday madness and century lies.

Alas, clown-like Pompeo, if you really want to know whether the situation in Xinjiang is as “bad” as you say, come here and I’ll pay for your ticket. I’d like to invite you to Xinjiang to have a look and let the facts tell you the truth. Since you have not been to Xinjiang, please don’t talk nonsense.Shut your smelly mouth, and wear your mask when you come!