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Pompeo Is A Madman

Tunisha Matiruze,Graduated Trainee of Vocational Education and Training Center,Yinbage Village,Tohula Town, Moyu County

Recently, I read online Pompeo’s disgraceful lies concerning wanton slander and smear of Xinjiang.As a native Chinese in Xinjiang, I feel very angry with his lies and fabrications and couldn’t help calling him a shameless madman.

In 2013, I saw many people get together at my neighbor’s house spreading thoughts like jihad, Han Chinese being infidels, saying one shall not live in the houses they make, one shall not use cosmetics they sell, clothes they make, medicine they produce even when one is ill. They even said one should not accept the infidels’ help or offer help to them.Since then, the above-mentioned poisonous extremist ideas took root in my mind and I became more and more isolated to myself. I seldom went out.When I did go out, I chased after those who were not of my ethnic group and cursed them.Later, with my parents and husband’s persuasion, I submitted the application to study at the vocational education and training center.

My first impression of the vocational education and training center related to the beautiful environment, spacious and tidy dormitories, and the well-equipped classrooms.In the big family, I experienced the warmth of the community and the power of knowledge. Every day teachers taught us patiently and in detail information related to Chinese, law, policies, science, lessons in life and development of the society. Under their guidance, I was able to tell what is lawful and unlawful, what could be done and what was not allowed in law. Most importantly, I was able to understand that what the extremists wanted us to do violate the law, going against our conscience and social expectations and making us enemies towards other other. In order to realize their own daydream of separation, they wanted to make us devils who dared to kill.It was then that I realized how insidious the enemies were. Back then I was too ignorant to know it. Now it is as if I woke up from a dream. I will study harder,turn over a new leaf and make a new start in my life.When learning Chinese, law and regulations, I learned hairdressing. In July 2019 I graduated with excellent scores.

After graduation, under the support of the government I opened a beauty salon. On the day when it was open, I invited a musical team to cheer up and it went very lively. People around me looked at me with admiration and respect. I call the salon “Beautiful”, meaning making all my customers beautiful and laughing. Now as villagers all have different thoughts for a better life, more people want to change their hair style to look beautiful and my salon is full of customers. Women who visit my salon look happy and praise my good skills. Now I earn more than RMB 6000 every month and have two apprentices.I will hire more people and have a larger salon in the future.

Finally, I want to say, Pompeo is the very enemy who wants to destroy our wonderful life.Luckily, I have seen through his insidious plot. I believe our life will become better under the strong leadership of China’s Communist Party. Let the disgraceful madman Pompeo go home.