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A Refutation to US Politician Pompeio's “foul language”

Alimu Yakefu, Federation of Social Sciences Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

On January 19, Pompeo, a “century liar” who started his career by “lying, stealing and cheating”, still did not stop fabricating lies in the last days of his term of office, slandering that China has committed “genocide” crime and “anti-humanity” crime against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. In recent years, Pompeo has used the so-called “Xinjiang issue” to discredit and stigmatize China. His purpose is to use the so-called human rights as a pretext to stir up ethnic dissension in China, so as to achieve the purpose of disrupting Xinjiang and checking China. Pompeo ignored history and facts, maliciously attacked and vilified our party and our country with naked lies. His despicable behavior and sinister intentions are really anti-humanity conduct. All the people, including me are vehement in the opposition to Pompeo’s falsifications. Here, I express my strong indignation and strongly condemnation to Pomepeo.

Historically, China is a unified multi-ethnic country, and all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are family members of the Chinese nation. In the long history, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and people in the other parts China have jointly written a long history of China, created splendid culture and cultivated great spirit. Today, all ethnic groups living in Xinjiang are close to each other, and help each other, being connected by Chinese blood. The concepts “Three Inseparability’ and “ethnic unity like one family” are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Pompeo falsely claimed that China has committed “genocide” crime and “anti-humanity” crime against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. This is a blatant lie and can not stand any scrutiny.

Looking at the history of the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China was founded at a time when the Chinese nation and the Chinese people were in the most difficult situation. The original intention and mission of the party is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. The fundamental purpose of the party is to serve the people wholeheartedly. Apart from the interests of the people, the party has no interests of its own. The party’s hundred years of history of struggle is nothing but a history of leading the people of all ethnic groups across the country to strive for a better life. Pompeo’s falsification that our party is suppressing Uygurs and other ethnic minorities is groundless.

Only the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang know the best about the happy life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. As a Uygur official who was born, grew up and worked in Xinjiang, I deeply love this beautiful land of Xinjiang. Looking back at my growth experience, every step of my life is inseparable from the concern and cultivation of the Communist Party of China: I went from southern Xinjiang to Minzu University of China, Nanjing University and other first-class universities in China, and became an official. It is the good policies of the party and the state that have brought me and the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang a happy life.

Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang. The good life of unity, harmony, prosperity and affluence in Xinjiang is the result of the hard work of dauntless people of all ethnic groups under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Our life should not be maliciously evaluated and judged by others. The future of Xinjiang will be more beautiful with China getting stronger. Pompeo’s bad deeds will be despised and scoffed by all the peace loving people of the world, and will be poured into the sewage pool of history, stinking permanently.