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The Pompeio’s Unpopualr “lie politics” will Eventually Go Bankrup

Wureyetiguli Apizi,Radio and Television Investment Company of Radio and Television Bureau Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

My name is Wureyetiguli, a Uygur official and also a mother of two children. Recently, Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State played his doomsday madness to the extreme, falsely claiming that China has committed “genocide” crime and “anti-humanity” crime against ethnic minorities including the Uygur and religious minorities in Xinjiang, wantonly attacking, and deliberately discrediting Xinjiang. This naked lie is full of fallacies and can’t stand any scrutiny. It is Pompeo’s “doomsday madness” aiming to disrupt China and Xinjiang and is destined to be swept into the garbage heap of history. Pompeo’s lies are not only a big insult to the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, but also a betrayal of morality and conscience.

I was born, grew up and have been working in Xinjiang. I have the most say in Xinjiang, and my growing up experience is the most powerful refutation to Pompeo’s lies. I have witnessed the great changes that have taken place in Xinjiang under the firm leadership of the party. There have been a rapid development of modern facilities in Xinjiang such as radio and television, communication networks and railway transportation, and the people’s life are becoming more and more prosperous. I have witnessed the scene of unity, harmony, joy and friendship among neighbors of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Especially in the epidemic days, I have witnessed the major achievements we have won in the fight against epidemic disease with the joint efforts of all ethnic groups in China under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

In 2001, with excellent academic performance, I was admitted to the national “985” key university--Central University of Finance and Economics. In addition to my own hard work, I am deeply grateful to the party and my country for providing me with good educational resources. Now my children’s academic performance is very good. They both like music. One chose piano to learn and the other chose violin. they are enjoying a better educational environment and conditions than me.

In 2017, my husband took the initiative to enroll in the “Investigating, benefiting, and solidarising” program and worked in Sayi village, Muji Town, Pishan County, Hotan Prefecture. Although my children and I hate to depart him, we all support his work. In the three years of work in the village, through actively publicizing the party’s guidelines, and various benefiting people policies, the local people’s enthusiasm and creativity in production activities has been improved. The working team has helped them build agricultural facilities such as alkali drainage channels, promoted the increase of farmers’ income, improved people’s livelihood, and maintained social stability and harmony. The local people live and work in peace and contentment, their living standards have been greatly improved, and the excellent traditional culture of various ethnic minorities has been protected and inherited.

In the days when our days are getting better and better, Pompeo’s plot to stir up ethnic dissension in China and undermine the prosperity and social stability of Xinjiang by using Xinjiang related issues so as to curb China’s development and growth is absolutely impossible. As a Uygur civil worker, I would like to warn Pompeo that his sinister intentions of deliberately discrediting the Chinese government’s policy of governing Xinjiang, creating the so-called Xinjiang problem, interfering in China’s internal affairs, undermining China’s security and stability, and curbing China’s development will never succeed. The future of Xinjiang will be more brilliant and prosperous!