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Livestreaming e-commerce helps promote naan industry in China's Xinjiang

Zhang Qingxinge and She Wenlan are livestreamers working at the Urumqi naan cultural and industrial park, which showcases the history and cooking process of naan, a staple food among people of ethnic groups in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The industrial park, China's largest naan product processing base, was established in 2018. It currently employs over 2,000 workers, with a daily output of one million naans. In 2020, the park saw a total output value of 1.25 billion yuan (193.5 million U.S. dollars). The naan industry in Xinjiang has boomed over the past few years, especially under the help of livestreaming e-commerce. Currently, Xinjiang's daily production of naan is around 650 tonnes, with more than 175 varieties sold across China.