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Pompeo, don’t try to ruin our happy and beautiful life

Ibrahin Rozi, A travel consultant of the Travel Agency of Zhong’aya Village of Hami City

My name is Ibrahin Rozi, male, a 31-year-old Uygur, and I live in Zhong'aya Village of Hami City. I am a travel consultant with a travel agency. Based on my personal experience, I warn Pompeo that, don’t try to ruin our happy and beautiful life.

I was born and brought up in Hami. I have studied and grown up with friends of all ethnic groups since I was a child, benefiting from many good policies of the Party and the country. My mother died of illness in September 2016, leaving only me and my father. My family was not well-off then, and the expenses of the family mainly depended on my traveling business. At that time, what worried me the most was my father, about whether or not he had food or money. However, each time I called him, my father would tell me: “I’m living well now. The villagers’ committee has offered me not only a job with regular salary but also free daily meals. The committee also cares about my life and would come to my help if need be. The Party head of the village Mijiti, like a brother, together with other officials, would timely come to our farm, helping with plowing, sowing or irrigating. So, don’t worry. ” Hearing his warm words, I was fully relieved. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to the Party and the government, for they are the greatest prop to my family. Whenever we are in difficulty, the village officials would come to our help in time, and they regard our problems as theirs.

In April 2019, with the encouragement and support from both the community and the village officials, I started my own business. Since then, they have often helped publicize my travel agency by making use of various events they organize. Besides, they entrust me with the tours the committee arranges for the village seniors and even the tours of their relatives and friends, so as to increase my profit. Therefore, many people come to my agency for consulting or tourism contract signing every day. The best daily income could reach 3,500 yuan, and the monthly net income could be about 40,000 yuan. Thanks to the Party’s good policies, people could live a well-off life and their living standard has been improved greatly, which brings me lots of economic benefits. In 2019, I received 2.08 million yuan in compensation for my housing demolition and resettlement, and moved to a new house. My life has undergone an enormous change.

Pompeo distorts the facts by uttering groundless remarks with the evil intention of attacking and slandering China’s Xinjiang policy. Mike Pompeo, the “big liar” and “the enemy of mankind”, I want to tell you seriously that, your venomous lies are too numerous to be counted, and you must put away your hypocritical face, otherwise you would suffer eternal damnation. Don’t forget that, justice has long arms.