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We firmly oppose Pompeo's remarks about Xinjiang

Rihangully Musha, An official of the Bureau of Ethnic and Religion Affairs of Sayibak District, Urumqi City

In the past few years, former US Secretary of State Pompeo has uttered some groundless remarks about Xinjiang. With a series of evil lies, he has irresponsibly attacked and deliberately discredited China's Xinjiang policy, defiling the human rights situation, interfering in China’s internal affairs under the guise of human rights, instigating ethnic relations, and obliterating the achievements Xinjiang has made. His ugly face and sinister intentions are heinous and outrageous. In this regard, I express my firm opposition and strong condemnation. As a Uygur official born and brought up in Xinjiang, I have the obligation and responsibility to stand up and make my voice heard...

Educated by the Party and nurtured by the family since I was a child, I have grown up to be one who has a great love of the Party, the country and Xinjiang. From childhood, I have played, studied and grown up with friends from various ethnic groups, developing a very deep friendship with them and coexisting harmoniously. I have personally witnessed the tremendous changes in Xinjiang and Urumqi. I have also experienced the remarkable progress and achievements Xinjiang has made. People here have a much stronger sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.

For some time in the past, Xinjiang had seen frequent incidents of terrorist attacks, which had been extremely harmful to the life and property of people of all ethnic groups and had trampled on human’s dignity. To this end, Xinjiang has taken measures to fight against terrorism and extremism in accordance with the law. Upholding the principle of fighting and preventing terrorism at the same time, Xinjiang has been taking aggressive action against violent terrorist crimes, and at the same time, addressing the problem at its source. Therefore, the overall situation in society continues to be stable. There have been no violent and terrorist cases in his region for more than four consecutive years, and hence people have a much stronger sense of security. Xinjiang has significantly contributed to the international fight on terrorism through effective counterterrorism and de-radicalization campaigns.

Xinjiang fully respects the freedom of religious belief of all ethnic groups. As an official of ethnic and religion affairs, I have witnessed the tremendous changes in the venues for religious activities. The government ensures the safety and comfort of the venues for every religious believer, so that anyone can fully enjoy his due rights. Not only does the government require religious venues such as mosques, Buddhist temples and Daoist temples and churches to be absolutely safe, but also it comprehensively promotes the construction of venues facilities so as to improve the environmental conditions of the venues. Such visible and tangible benefits have truly made religious believers happy, and therefore have received unanimous acclaim.

I think, whether the situation in Xinjiang is good or bad, and whether Uygur human rights are guaranteed or not, only those who live here have the final word! As a Chinese citizen, I am very proud. And I am firmly convinced that, as long as 1.4 billion people from 56 ethnic groups tightly embrace one and other like pomegranate seeds, work hard and march hand in hand, we will always maintain the prosperity and stability of Xinjiang, safeguard the ethnic unity of Xinjiang, and defend the territorial integrity of China!.