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Pompeo’s Lies Are Doomed to Be Thrown into the Dustbin of History

Tohti·Rahman, Secretary of Forestry Administration Bureau of Eastern Tianshan Mountains

Pompeo, who prides himself on “lying, cheating, stealing”, has acted a “Doomsday Madness” before stepping down. He attacked and smeared Xinjiang with inhumanity, slandered our human rights situation, viciously attacked the Chinese government’s policies for governing Xinjiang, and wantonly provoked ethnic relations, which completely exposed his evil face and sinister intentions. I express my strong condemnation and resolute opposition towards his behavior.

In 2016, I participated in a work team and witnessed the development and changes of rural areas in southern Xinjiang. Nowadays, everyone in the rural areas of southern Xinjiang enjoys subsidies, medical insurance and free physical examination. The living standards of the villagers have been greatly improved, and the fight against poverty has won a decisive victory. Loving the motherland, obeying the law, working hard to get rich, they have embarked on a happy and beautiful sunshine road by using the national language, legal knowledge and vocational skills. These achievements are the result of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the joint efforts of the whole Party and the people of the whole country, and also the wisdom and hard work of more than 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Facts have fully proved that the CPC Central Committee’s strategy of governing Xinjiang is fully in line with the realities of Xinjiang and is firmly supported by the people of all ethnic groups.

Especially in 2020, in the face of COVID - 19 outbreak, the Chinese government insisted on the principle of people first, life first and giving top priority to people’s life safety and health. With concrete and hard efforts, the people of all ethnic groups adopted a very action to deal with this very condition and launched a war of epidemic prevention and control throughout the country. Chinese people have launched an arduous struggle against the epidemic and won the great victory of the national fight against infectious diseases, which has written a brilliant chapter in anti-pandemic history.

Pompeo, on the other hand, despite the rampant spread of COVID-19 and frequent occurrence of violence in his own country, still insisted on “political expediency first” and “capital first”, covering up and downplaying the truth of the epidemic, and even “shifting the blame”. He spread rumors, slandered and smeared on Xinjiang-related issues to seek his own political gain. Thinking he’s clever, he could never hide from the people’s discerning eyes.

Xinjiang’s prosperity and development, harmony and stability, and great national unity are the result of the unremitting efforts of each and every one of us in Xinjiang under the leadership of the Party, and we will never allow anyone or any force to talk nonsense, impose interference and maliciously stigmatize them.

“Only in hard times can courage and perseverance be manifested.” Contemptible scoundrels such as Pompeo can neither hinder Xinjiang’s prosperity and development, nor the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Under the firm leadership of the CPC, the people of Xinjiang will surely live a harmonious and happy life, and create even more brilliant achievements.