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Stop Lying, Mike Pompeo

Maimaiti Maimaitimin, A Muslim from Bazhabutuo Village, Tuohula Township, Moyu County

Mike Pompeo declared on January 19, US time, that China had committed the “crime against humanity” and “genocide” in Xinjiang. This is ridiculous! What I want to say is that Pompeo has lost his mind.

I was born and raised in Moyu county where I witnessed the development and changes of my hometown. When I was a child, people in the village were simple and honest, they were as close as a family and the whole county was in harmony. At that time, weddings ceremonies in the village was what my friends and I were longing for. We could not only eat delicious food such as pilaf, kebab and wonderful noodles, but also sing and dance with everyone at the wedding party. However, I found that such lovely scenes gradually became less and less after I entered high school, the happy dance and pleasant singing at the weddings were gone, and the weeping of relatives for the dead was not heard at funerals. Besides, the beautiful girls all put on long black robes and covered their faces with black headscarves. And we didn't dare to get close. I didn't understand how it came to be like this until I grew up. And I realized that these were all caused by religious extremism. The "three forces" made use of the honest religious feelings of the villagers to spread religious extremism under the guise of religion, destroying our happy and stable life. That was why I made up my mind that I must work hard so as to help the villagers understand the harm of religious extremism.

Later, I was admitted to Xinjiang Islamic Classics College, where I received five years of free education. When I was in school, I studied laws and regulations of the nation, current affairs, politics and religious knowledge, which enabled me to realize more clearly that no religion or individual can go beyond the law. And I learned that in China, people are free, not forced, to believe in religion. I also realized it was peace and tolerance that Islam had been advocating, but not "Jihad martyrdom to heaven" of religious extremists. Then after graduation, I returned to my hometown Moyu County as a Muslim worker.

Just at that time, the government carried out vocational skills education and training in Xinjiang according to the law. In the education and training center, people infected by religious extremism not only learned the mandarin, got command of the laws and regulations, mastered practical skills, but also became employed in enterprises and factories. More importantly, they got rid of the control and bondage of religious extremism and returned to normal life. The graduates sometimes chat with me and tell me that after graduation, they have used the skills they learned in the education and training center to start a new career and lead a good life one after another. Now more and more tourists come to visit Hotan and Moyu. The sweet memory of my childhood has come back, and the Uygur people who were good at singing and dancing became hospitable again.

However, Pompeo turned a blind eye to the achievements of education and training of vocational skills, and described it as a "detention camp", which was totally a slender that not only confused right and wrong, but also distorted the truth. I would like to ask Pompeo, is there any other country in the world that has ever given such tolerance and help to people who are infected with religious extremist ideas and who have committed minor crimes? Is there any other country would help them get out of poverty? No, China is the only one who did it!

So, Pompeo, cut off your ulterior motives and stop talking nonsense! Your attempt to destroy our united and harmonious happy life and split our great motherland will never succeed! The masses of all ethnic groups are aware of your evil intention!