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Stop Telling Lies about Us, Pompeo

Hudziayi Parrehati, Principle of Central Kindergarten of Boarding School in Kalayamule Town, Emin County, Tacheng area

I am Huziayi Parrehati, the principle of central kindergarten of the boarding school in Kalayamule Town, Emin County.

Teachers of the kindergarten take care of these children here as their own children. All children live happily in the kindergarten and we can see smiles on their faces every day.Teachers will meet the children at the gate when kids arrive at kindergarten every morning. As soon as the children see their teachers, they run to embrace their teachers. Every day, children here play games, watch cartoons, do handicrafts with their teachers every day, and carry out interesting outdoor activities like hawk catching chicken, throwing handkerchief and so on.The sate offers "three meals and one dessert" to every child, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks after a nap. The three meals consist of nutritious food carefully selected by teachers. And the menu of three meals changes every week. What is more, these meals are not only children's favorite but also nutritionally balanced. The snacks are composed of all kinds of fruits, yogurt, biscuits, etc. As for the two-hour nap, the teachers will accompany the children in the whole process. They walk around every 20 minutes to see if kids would kick off the quilt or have incorrect sleeping posture. If so, teachers will help them cover the quilt carefully and correct their posture. Some children may don't want to sleep, then teachers will watch cartoons with them or do handicrafts with them.

Peompeo told a bare-faced lie with no conscience, saying that China had violated the human rights of the ethnic minorities. However, respecting and protecting human rights is the principle of China's constitution. China has been guaranteeing the rights of people of all ethnic groups, such as the right of existence, the right of freedom and the right to development, to the maximum extent. How can you learn from a daily life from the children in kindergarten that China is restricting human right? How can you learn that they are not free? Come and have a look, Pompeo, all children are living a happy and free life in the kindergarten with the company of their caring teachers. And you said that China does not allow children to go home. But the truth is that kindergarten children can go home every night so they can grow up healthily and happily with their parents.

Mike Pompeo, China's "compulsory sterilization" on Uygur people in Xinjiang? Where did you get that? And what were you thinking when you say that? Your so-called "genocide" is pure nonsense that smears and discredits China.

I am a teacher of ethnic minorities. I have a happy family with two lovely daughters. And they are growing up healthily and happily with the care of my husband and I. Don't you mean that ethnic minorities are not allowed to have children in China, Pompeo? Didn't you say that China had been forcing sterilization on Uygur people in Xinjiang? I'm a Uygur. Now who stopped me from having children? If China does not allow me to have children as you say, how can I have two lovely children? When you say there words, would you please verify whether they are true in advance? And see whether what you say is credible people. Don't insult China and the Chinese people with these words. The Chinese people of all ethnic groups are vulnerable!

We are now living a life that is happy and well-off. Children do not need money to go to school. Tuition fees and textbook fees are all exempted. Students living in boarding schools have their own spacious and comfortable dormitories, and teachers will provide help to them every day in shifts. No matter what difficulties students run into, in life or study, their teachers will help them at the first time. Accommodation and food will not charge a penny, because these costs are already paid for by the state. And during the epidemic period, the state vigorously allocated funds for students and teachers to do free nucleic acid testing once a week and masks are distributed to teachers and students three times a week. Not only teachers and students, but also everyone receive free nucleic acid testing, and people infected with COVID-19 can be hospitalized for free. Aren't these all good policies of the state? Aren’t we ethnic minority compatriots enjoying these good policies? During the epidemic period, the people of the whole country gave full play to the spirit of "one in trouble, assistance comes from". And heroes in harm’s way symbolized a large team of the people from all ethnic groups. We unite as one and work together to create a beautiful home.

Are you blind, Pompeo? How united are the people of our country, how loving they are, and how well the epidemic is controlled here. All of these are just obvious. So don't live in your own lies every day anymore, don’t tell lies with your eyes open, don’t discredit China and interfere in our life. Go and mind your own business!