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Our Happy Life Will not be Destroyed by Others

Weinire Abuduwaili, Graduate of vocational education and training center in Bachu Town, Bachu County, Kashgar

Recently, Mike Pompeo maliciously calumniated that "China had committed 'genocide' and 'crimes against humanity' against Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang", which is really ridiculous. As a graduate of the vocational education and training center, I want to tell the truth here so as to refute Pompeo's shameless lies.

My name is Weinire Abuduwaili, I am a 29-year-old Uygur living in Bachu Town, Bachu County. And I have graduated from Xiamen University of Technology. I think I have the most say in Pompeo’s words. When I was a child, I was entrusted by parents to the care of my grandmother in the countryside. Influenced by the people around me, I was infected with extreme religious ideas. After I was admitted to university in 2013, I was more repelled to the new environment around me with the ideas of religious extremism. I expanded the concept of Muslim to every aspect of my life. I thought that things made by Han people were not halal, if I ate them, I would not be a qualified Muslim; And I thought people who did not worship were all “heretics”, and we should not use anything produced by “heretics” because it was not halal, and it could weaken our faith and make us “heretics” in the end. So I never buy toothpaste or toothbrush from the supermarket. Besides, I not only did it myself, but also publicized it to those Uighur students I knew.

After returning home, my parents found my behaviors. So they started dissuading me, kept reasoning with me and reminding me that my behaviors were wrong. Then I chose to go to the vocational education and training center after my parent’s persuasion. There, we can learn not only knowledge but also practical skills. After learning, I understood that I had been living in the lies woven by extreme thoughts, and I realized how stupid and ignorant I was before.

After graduation from the vocational education and training center, I feel like a different person. I returned home in November 2019, and with the computer skills I mastered in the training school, I was soon employed by the Yuanxin Company. Now I can get a salary of more than 4000 yuan a month. I am very happy, and my parents are also very pleased.

I would like to ask Pompeo, can you also be so tolerant towards people infected with extreme ideas? Can you save the victims of extreme ideas with humanity? How ridiculous you are!

Finally, I would like to say to Pompeo: watch your mouth, use your mouth to talk, but not to talk nonsense. And don't fool yourself. Your words and deeds are merely jokes to the world and people who are protecting the peace and justice in the world!