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I am Proud of Being a Chinese

Senam Ibrayim, The Principal of Qiaozi School, Xi Di town, Qitai County of Changji Prefecture

On January19th, the official website of America State Council published a so-called statement “condemning the violence act of Xinjiang”, falsely claimed China’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in western Xinjiang committed the crimes of “against humanity” and “genocide”. Pompeo’s sinister intention has long been seen through by the world. His retroaction is bound to be continuous strongly condemned and firmly opposed by people of insight from all walks of life.

As for the situation in Xinjiang, as a native of Xinjiang, I am the best qualified to speak on this. My name is Senam Ibrayim, born in an intellectual family. My father is a veterinarian. My mother, my two sisters and I are all teachers. I am also the principal of a rural school. Let me give you a brief introduction of my school: At my school, students are all Uygurs. The School conditions, office environment, qualities of education and teaching can all be compared to the school in town. There have various types of dance studio, music room, instrument room, etc. In class, it has complete functions of touch blackboard. Children are jubilant in fine school uniforms. Various kinks of policies of benefiting students are enjoyed by them, such as: heating fees, subsidies for textbooks, free drinking milk, bus subsidy for poor students and so on.

In the last 20 years of my career in education. I have witnessed the attention and concern of the Party and the government for education in Xinjiang, witnessed the rapid development of ethnic education, witnessed the earth-shaking changes of schools at all levels in Qitai County of Xinjiang and witnessed the fact that ethnic minority talents in Xinjiang are stronger than those in the past. In Xinjiang, we have never been aware of ethnic and racial differences. All we known is that we are one family that works together. It is a community of the Chinese nation that shares a common destiny. As people who have lived in this land for generations. I feel the development of Xinjiang and prosperity of my motherland. I am proud of being a Chinese, I am proud of being able to build Xinjiang by my hands.

Pompeo’s claim of “genocide” is sheer nonsense. Falsely claiming that China’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in western Xinjiang constitutes a violation of “against humanity” and “genocide” is a big joke. Pompeo wants to flaunt the banner of race, unprovokedly attacks and tarnishes the image of my hometown and motherland for his own good and future, interferes in our family affairs in China and deceives the public. Where is his reason? No matter how Pompeo repeat his lies, all these cannot change the fact of stable and peaceful in Xinjiang.