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“Doomsday Clown” Pompeo is Bound to be Justly Judged and Liquidated by History

Li Xiaolin, Dushanzi District Karamay City

On January19th, Pompeo used Twitter account number of US Secretary of State to criticize “awakening”, “Multiculturalism” and other doctrines are not “in American way”, which were provoked by enemies aim to weaken America. These comments sparked an immediate wave of criticism online. Many American netizens believe that his remarks are a kind of shocking “Racialism Humiliation”. Comments of netizens are almost one-sided. The crowd was unanimous in their opposition to Pompeo’s remarks. There was hardly anyone to support his views. In fact, just as Pompeo is stepping down, some American medias have already given him a verdict. The New York Times defines it directly that Pompeo is the worst secretary of state in the world.

Pompeo performed a “doomsday carnival” before outgoing and put more than 40 articles attacking China, which repeated the old tunes. Pompeo falsely claimed on Twitter that China has committed the crimes of “against humanity” and “genocide” toward Muslims and polices of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. This was a century lie. He did succeed in living a life of a “clown of the Century”.

Crimes against humanity and genocide, clearly defined in international law. The So-called China’s implementation of crimes of genocide and against humanity in Xinjiang is a false proposition, which deliberately exaggerate so as to create a sensation and malicious absurd farce concocted by a few anti-China and anti-Communist forces represented by Pompeo. That only exists to the ugly political conspirators like him. It’s not existing in the past, not being right now and will never happen in China in the future. The social lies that Pompeo fabricated is not only a great insult to the 1.4 billion Chinese people including 25 million people of Xinjiang, but also to a profound insult to the American people and the judgement of the international community. What’s more is the betrayal and challenge of morality and basic conscience.

Pompeo’s act of ignoring the facts and disgracing to China, again confirmed the famous words he had said publicly in his previous speeches at American universities: “We lie, we cheat, we steal, that’s the glory of America’s quest”. Crazily spreading rumors, Pompeo wants to stick around a little longer in American history, leaves more political markers of his own and paves the way for the rest of his political life. But such a shameful act has no benefit to the future of the United States, except to the advantages of his own.

As former US Secretary of State, Pompeo should be focused on creating a relaxed and favorable international environment, as well as, to establish good relations between countries. What’s a pity that Pompeo’s actions draw further apart from all these. The impression he gives others is he do have a lot of strength. But it’s often used in the wrong place. He likes to talk a lot. However, he knows nothing about good words, only bad ones. He’s a great story teller, but it’s all made up out of thin air. He was supposed to be a friendly messenger. The only thing he knows is boxing, but never know how to smile and shake hands.

Pompeo is in a very important position, but specifically attacks China, twists the truth. The lies and pernicious influences that Pompeo has been spreading all these years will surely be swept into the dustbin of history along with himself and he will definitely be judged and liquidated by history!