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The Clown Pompeo! Stop All the Nonsense

Abdulkadr Shadik, Villager, Wuzan Town, Nileke County

My name is Abdulkadr Shadik, a normal ethnic villager in Wuzan Town, Nileke County in southern Xinjiang. I used to run a shop and now I have a harvester. I am also raising sheep and cattle. With the policy and financial support from the government, I have a nice income and an enjoyable living. My gratitude to Communist Party of China and Chinese government is like the stars in night sky, which are countless and immerse.

However, Pompeo, the American “King of Lies” seems to be mad, trying to show his existence before leaving his office in the government. He launched messages in Twitter madly, intervening without any reason Chinese people’s affairs and trying to smear and defame my beautiful home town -- Xinjiang. As a citizen born and raised in Xinjiang, I am so furious about his words and actions. I want to declare and I want to speak from my own feelings.

When the COVID-19 appeared, Chinese government immediately decided that people’s life is the first priority. We are given freely the traditional Chinese medicine, and free test and medical care. The living supplies are provided in time and the COVID situation was under control in just two months. Mr. Pompeo, can I ask you this-- When the COVID situation began in America, what are you doing then? When the American people are suffering desperately, you were busy at blaming other countries and people for the situation and you were busy at getting political power. The infection and death rate in America take up 24 percent and 22 percent of the whole world respectively. What a surprising big data! I am so happy that I am a Chinese, enjoying the care and support from the country and the government.

In 2020 all the people who were considered living under poverty level before were out of poverty in Xinjiang. People around me are enjoying all the good policies on medical care, education and household living. Everyone is having a nice life. So, Pompeo, wake up! Before the facts, all your lies can not stand. I would like to borrow a sentence from a friend who is Han Chinese--he who has done too many bad things will have all bad things to himself ultimately--to give you as a “gift”. You are just like a painted clown, who would surely be swept into the garbage bin in history.