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Pompeo’s Conspiracy Won’t Get Its Way

Halymati Abliz, Villager, Lower Aotebeixite Village, Aotebeixite Town, Wushi County, Akesu

I am Halymati Abliz, a normal villager in Wushi, Akesu. I watched the news on the 19th of January, that Pompeo stated a huge lie in American State Council website that “China is committing Anti-Human crime and Genocide crime by carrying out policies towards Muslims and ethnic groups in Xinjiang”. When I read these words, I thought it is so ridiculous. Pompeo, this “King of Lies” and his lies are so bottomless, principle-less and shameless.

I was born in a normal family in Wushi. From childhood to adulthood, I witnessed the huge changes that Xinjiang was happening and the great growth that Xinjiang is having. As a benefactor of modern times, I realized that it is not so easy to have such a happy life and I become more and more optimistic about the peaceful and happy life here. A few years ago, I took part in an electronic business training session in Urumqi and it was during this session that I learned the essential knowledge of electronic business. After the session, I established an electronic business service station in my home town, selling all kinds of local specialties and characteristic Xinjiang products to customers at home and abroad. In February and July of 2020, when the COVID situation happened, I made full use of the service station, providing living supplies for working offices and villages around. We fought the virus together and we overcame all sorts of difficulties together. Finally, we overcame the virus once and again and our life resumed to normal again. The business for the service station became better and better and my income is increasing, and with that, my living standard is better and better. With that happiness index rising, I am living a happy and enjoyable life. In the last few years of working in the service station, I met various friends in life and at work, who are from various ethnic groups. We met together to have dinner, dance, sing and what happy times they are! Though we may be in different ethnic groups and we may come from different places, we have one goal in common, that is, to work hard for a happy life and say no to those who are trying to sabotage our stable, prosperous and happy life.

With such a wonderful life and such a safe and comfortable environment, how can I endure you, Pompeo, the “King of Lies”, to intervene our own affair with words and actions by putting on your face the fake mask of “human rights”. Pompeo wants to defame Xinjiang, to deny the prosperous and fruitful achievements in Xinjiang and to try to sabotage the solidarity of Xinjiang ethnic groups. But what I want to say is that what he did for the sabotaging activities is doomed to be a failure. All his vicious intentions won’t get their way!