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Firmly Refute the Xinjiang-related Fallacies by Pompeo and Other Anti-China Politicians

Yalikun Yakufu, Member of the CPC Committee and Deputy Director of the Public Security Department of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Recently, former US Secretary of State Pompeo published a Xinjiang-related fallacy on the website of the US State Department, which made groundless attacks at and deliberately smeared Xinjiang. He deliberately fabricated false information in disregard of the facts and distorted right and wrong. His so-called remarks were completely nonsense. This was a gross interference in China's internal affairs and seriously trampled on international law and basic norms of international relations. This former U.S. Secretary of State who was used to “lying, cheating and stealing”, released too many "political viruses" in the past few years. Now acting like a stray dog, he went his own way and talked a lot of nonsense. He was used to describing China's efforts to ensure stability and anti-terrorism in Xinjiang as a disregard for human rights. The act of discrediting Xinjiang is ridiculous. He often quoted the so-called "Xinjiang-related research reports" cooked by the anti-China scholar Zheng Guoen and the Australian Institute of Strategic Policy. And he aggressively attacked our Xinjiang policy, repeatedly telling nonsense and fanciful fallacy, which has long been notorious. Pompeo turned a blind eye to the facts, constantly “making a fuss” about Xinjiang and “labeling” Xinjiang. He had no bottom line, no shame, and no morals. His purpose was to provoke ethnic relations, undermine Xinjiang’s stability, and hinder Xinjiang’s development, as well as mislead international public opinion. This fully exposes the vicious intentions and hideous faces of certain anti-China politicians who brutally interfere in China's internal affairs under the banner of “human rights”.

The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are best qualified to say in Xinjiang affairs. As a police officer who has been fighting against terrorism in Xinjiang for a long time, I am fully aware that the good situation in Xinjiang has not come easily. During my 39-year career as a police officer, I have participated in and directed the handling and investigation of hundreds of violent and terrorist cases. In my line of work, I witnessed with my own eyes the crime and cruelty of the “three forces”. It was not long before that terrorist activities occurred frequently in Xinjiang, causing serious harm to national unity, ethnic unity and social stability. They wantonly trampled on the rights to life, health, development and other basic human rights of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, resulting in the killing of a large number of innocent people, the death of hundreds of police officers and immeasurable property losses. The violent crimes created by terrorist forces, one after another, are bloody and heinous. Facing the severe and complex struggle situation, the CPC Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region united and led the cadres of all ethnic groups, gathered the masses of all ethnic groups, resolutely implemented the CPC’s strategy of governing Xinjiang in the new era, and completely reversed the passive situation of frequent violent terrorist activities in the past period. It has realized the sustained and stable improvement of the overall social situation, and effectively guaranteed the basic human rights of the people of all ethnic groups such as the right to subsistence and development. Xinjiang has been free of violence and terrorism cases for more than 4 consecutive years, and criminal cases, public security cases, national security cases, and public safety incidents have fallen sharply. Xinjiang has seen social harmony and stability, sustained economic development, continuous improvement of people’s livelihood, unprecedented cultural prosperity, and religious harmonious religion. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang have become more united and harmonious, and they are full of hope for a better life in the future. From 2014 to 2019, Xinjiang's GDP increased from 919.59 billion yuan to 135.71 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 7.2%, and its per capita disposable income grew at an average annual rate of 9.1%. Under the current standard, 3.0649 million impoverished people have been lifted out of poverty, 3,666 poor villages and 32 poor counties have been lifted out of poverty. Xinjiang's absolute poverty problem has been solved historically. Through the implementation of free health physical examinations for all citizens, the basic medical insurance participation rate of residents reached 99.7%.

Lies are lies, and justice is in people’s hearts. At the backdrop of current severe global pandemic, the sharp contrast between the Western chaos and China's stability is the best fact. We advise certain anti-China politicians to manage their own mouth and mind their own business and not to shoot themselves in the foot and bear their own evil consequences.