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The Happiness and Gratitude of Three generations in One Family

Abudureheman Abulikemu, The First Clinical Medical College of Xinjiang Medical University

Recently, Pompeo published a shameless lie that Xinjiang's policies on Muslims and ethnic minorities constitute the crime of “genocide” and “anti-humanity”. Under the guise of religion and human rights, he interfered in China’s internal affairs, and slandered China again and again, smeared Xinjiang with groundless lies. His remarks and behavior, contrary to the truth and facts, have showed his hypocritical essence of “lying, cheating and stealing” once again to all the people in the world.

I was born in Kashgar, an ancient city of Xinjiang, China . Thanks to the policies of the party and the government, especially the policies for us ethnic minorities, our family has been pursuing a happy life for three generations. After liberation of Xinjiang, with the care and cultivation of the party and the state, my grandfather went to Beijing to study. He became an official of ethnic minority from a simple farmer. In the 1970s, because of his outstanding performance, my father was selected by the state to study in Minzu University of China at that time. The state undertook all the expenses of accommodation, transportation and tuition. After graduation, the state arranged for him to return to work in his hometown. My grandfather and my father have changed their destiny through study and work, and created a happy life for us. In 2004, I went to an inland university to study. Various preferential policies, various subsidies for students of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, and grants for poor families gave me and thousands of students of ethnic minority in Xinjiang a good opportunity to develop us into the pillars of our society.

After graduating from university in 2008, I went back to work in Xinjiang. Now I work in the first clinical medical college of Xinjiang Medical University. My experience of studying, working and living, as well as the personal experience of three generations of my family, have made me fully realize that it is the preferential policies in Xinjiang that we have the opportunity to get a good education and an enviable job. Nowadays, in a stable, harmonious, united and stable social environment, my parents are enjoying a comfortable life of old age, and my children are also enjoying a carefree childhood.

The current good situation of social stability, security and prosperity is the best portrayal of Xinjiang, and is the fruit of the efforts of the masses of all ethnic groups under the care of the party. Pompeo, you shameless villain maliciously smeared our lives, has no right to tell us what to do. All kinds of lies and poison you spread are bound to be swept into the garbage heap of history with you.