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Lies Are bound to be Despised and Plots Will Never Succeed

Mairupu Maihemuti, deputy director of Xinjiang Taxation Bureau

On January 19, Pompeo released a Xinjiang related statement, but it was a ridiculous lie and posed a big insult to the people of Xinjiang. Ignoring the facts and slandering the hard work of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to achieve social stability and long-term security, his falsification arouse great indignant feeling among the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang and we never allow his wanton remark and behavior. We firmly believe that lies will be rejected when exposed to the sun, and plots will never succeed when exposed to the public. In this regard, as an ordinary Uygur citizen and tax official, together with the civil workers and the masses of all ethnic groups in the tax system of Xinjiang, I strongly condemn and firmly oppose it!

Truth is a sharp weapon to expose rumors, and any lie will break itself in the face of truth. In recent years, the economy of Xinjiang has been developing continuously, and the GDP of Xinjiang has been increasing year after year. Since 2019, a total of 36.4 billion yuan of new tax and fee reductions have been added, and the poverty-stricken population under the current standard of 30.649 million has been lifted out of poverty. The society of Xinjiang is harmonious and stable. The people of all ethnic groups are closely united like pomegranate seeds. For more than four consecutive years, there have been no violent and terrorist cases in Xinjiang. The sense of gain, happiness and security of the people of all ethnic groups have increased significantly. The people’s livelihood in Xinjiang has been continuously improving. Free health examination has been implemented for all people. The basic medical insurance coverage rate of residents is as high as 99.7%. The nine-year compulsory education is fully covered. The three-year preschool education and 12 year basic education in southern Xinjiang are fully covered. The protection of social rights such as the right to social security, the right to health and the right to education has reached an unprecedented level. Xinjiang guarantees the freedom of all ethnic groups to use and develop their own languages according to law, advocates and encourages all ethnic groups to learn from each other, and the languages, traditional culture and customs of all ethnic groups are well protected and inherited.

I want to ask Pompeo, have you ever seen a place where crimes of “genocide” and “anti-humanity” is committed can develop so well? This kind of groundless “affirmation” only exists in your ugly political conspiracy and imagination.

As an ordinary Uygur citizen, I have been working and living in Xinjiang. What I personally feel is that the right to know the truth, the right to participate public political affairs and the right to supervise for the people in Xinjiang are effectively protected. In Xinjiang, both ethnic minorities and Han people can freely express their demands through the Internet and other channels within the scope permitted by law. By the end of 2016, the number of Internet users in Xinjiang had increased from 448,000 in 2002 to 12,960,000, ranking the third in China in terms of growth rate. The penetration rate had reached 54.9%, ranking the first in Western China. So, where is the “restriction on freedom of speech”? It’s really bullshit.

In Xinjiang, anti-terrorism and anti-extremism and other policies have never been linked to specific ethnic group, religious and geographical areas. What I have seen is that all normal religious activities are protected by law, and citizens’ freedom of religious belief is guaranteed by law. What I have seen is that the central government supports the expansion of Xinjiang Islamic College, the improvement of teaching environment and the expansion of enrollment scale. So, where is the “restriction on freedom of religion and belief”? It’s a complete fabrication.

As an ordinary Uygur tax official, I was born and raised in Xinjiang, and got married in Xinjiang. I have a happy family. My son has graduated from university and my daughter is studying in University. In Xinjiang there are many Uygur families with 4 members, just like mine. And many more Uygur families have 5 members. From 2010 to 2018, the growth rate of Uygur population is 25.04%, which is higher than the 13.99% growth rate of Xinjiang population, and much higher than the 2% growth rate of Han population. So, where is the “genocide” ? It’s sheer nonsense.

At present, Xinjiang is in its best period of prosperity in history. Pompeo, ingnoring the facts, fabricated fallacies to stir up disputes and conflicts. His intention was to stir up ethnic dissension, undermine Xinjiangs stability, hinder Xinjiang’s development and mislead world opinion. However, all the staff and the masses of all ethnic groups in the tax system of Xinjiang including me firmly believe that these vicious attacks can not deceive the world, and they will never succeed in their sinister purpose in discrediting Xinjiang and interfering with the development and prosperity of Xinjiang. We firmly believe that Xinjiang will certainly have a promising prospect, for sure!