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Lies Can’t Cover up Facts after All

Tibuai Abudukari, Kumuaigeli Village, Yislamu Awati Township, Hotan County

I learned that Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State attacked and discredited China on the Internet, saying that Xinjiang’s policy is “genocide” against us the Uygurs. I firmly oppose such remarks. I want to tell you from my own experience that he is just making things up.

My name is Tibuai Abudukari. I’m 35 years old and from Awati Township, Hotan County. Since I was a child, I have developed interest in the profession of tailoring, dreaming that I could wear the beautiful clothes designed by myself every day when I grew up. In order to realize this dream, I often changed the old clothes worn by my family members into the patterns I was fond of and often showed off my work to my family.

After I finished my study at middle school, I learned sewing in a sewing shop in Hotan city. In 2004, with the support of my family, I opened a small sewing shop in bazaar in Awati township. At the beginning, the business was not very good. Later, through continuous learning and hard work, my sewing skills greatly improved, and the clothes I made were getting better and better. More and more people came to my shop to place the order. Over the years, I have made some money by running a sewing shop and an idea came to me that I want to establish a clothing company. When I told the village committee what I thought, they were very supportive. They rented the collective land in the village to me at a low price to build a company. With the help of the village committee, a clothing company covering an area of 350 square meters and integrating design, training and production was established at the beginning of 2019. Over the past two years, I have recruited some young women in the village to teach them sewing skills hand in hand. Now, 15 women in the company are employed stably, and their monthly wages are about 3000 yuan respectively. In 2019, under the organization of the County Civil Affairs Bureau, I went to Beijing to participate in the enterprise management training, and I also got a new understanding of the company management. Now my company is growing, and I have become the leader to lead the villagers to have a better-off life. My family’s life is getting better and better. We have bought a car and I am very proud of it.

In order to further expand the scale of the company, I took the initiative to enroll in a domestic service training course. After study, I plan to bring the domestic service items into the business scope of the company, carry out domestic service training and provide domestic service. In addition, I also signed a cooperation contract with the county technical school to build my company into an enterprise integrating fashion design, training, production and domestic service, so as to make the company bigger and stronger and recruit more women to work and enable them to live an increasingly happy life.

Lies can’t cover up the facts after all. I advise Pompeo who is keen on lying to shut the mouth and go back home!