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A Thousand Lies Can’t Cover up a Fact

Munire Ansierding, TV News Center of Xinjiang Radio and Television Station

My name is Munire Ansierding, a news announcer of Xinjiang Radio and Television Station. Recently, Pompeo published fallacies concerning Xinjiang, ignoring the facts, attacking and deliberately discrediting the Chinese government’s policy of ruling Xinjiang. As he was about to leave office, Pompeo was still using his usual “lie diplomacy” to rudely interfere in China’s internal affairs, deliberately undermining Xinjiang’s social stability, ethnic unity and religious harmony. As a Uygur intellectual who was born, grew up in Xinjiang and now work and live in Xinjiang, I express my strong indignation and firm opposition to this! This vicious act is a serious injury to the feelings of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. Here I would like to ask Pompeo, are you guilty of constantly fabricating lies that ignore facts and confuse right and wrong, and of wantonly attacking and discrediting Xinjiang? The masses of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have the most say as to whether they have good days or not. The current good situation of Xinjiang’s stability and prosperity can not be changed by your slander!

When you mentioned “anti-humanity” and “genocide”, it is really a sensational false proposition and a malicious and absurd farce. I can tell you about my own experience. My parents are both university professors, and their success in career is inseparable from the cultivation of the party. My father left Yili, where he was born, and came to Urumqi when he was young. It was the party’s good policy that enabled him to go to school free of charge. Then he became a college student and graduate student. After graduation he was selected to stay at college and became a teacher, and eventually became the first batch of associate professors in Xinjiang University. Since childhood, we three children in family have felt the care and warmth of the party and received a good education. After I graduated from university, I worked in Beijing TV Station. Later, I saw that my hometown was getting better and better, and then I went back to my hometown and became a news announcer. Here, my Uygur colleagues and I live a happy and comfortable life.

When it comes to the crime of “genocide”, it is even more ridiculous. I have two children myself, and my sisters all have two children. There is no interference from anyone. There is no such problem as so called “forced sterilization”.

You also mentioned “forced labor”. Let me tell you the story of my paired relative Nuernisa Abula in Hotan. Their family used to be a poor family, but now they are out of poverty. She has three children, one of whom works in the village’s fungus planting factory. Now she has become a very skillful backbone in her factory, and her salary has increased from 2000 yuan per month to more than 4000 yuan per month. When I went to see her, she told me excitedly that this is the life she wants. But you said that they were forced to work. I can’t help asking, “do you need others to force you when you want to make more money, learn more skills and change your life with your own hands?” Let me tell you that the Chinese nation is a hardworking and brave nation. We believe in that with our own hands, diligence can change our destiny and that a happy life is won through struggle. The reason why you tried your best to slander Xinjiang with many fallacies is that you attempted to prevent us from living a good life. We firmly oppose and will never allow your ulterior motives.

In recent years, when I interviewed people all over Xinjiang, I deeply felt the great changes in the production and life of people of all ethnic groups. Nowadays, farmers can get all kinds of subsidies for farming, and even raising cattle is included in agricultural insurance. Free health examination has been implemented for all people, and medical facilities in agricultural and pastoral areas have been significantly improved. The social security system is becoming more and more perfect, and the elderly, the weak, the lonely and widowed and the destitute have been properly aided. Rural roads are connected in all directions, and villages are clean and orderly. Now, decisive achievements have been made in Xinjiang’s poverty alleviation work, with 3,064,900 people successfully lifted out of poverty, and 3666 poor villages and 32 poor counties lifted out of poverty.

I would like to warn Pompeo who tried to undermine the stability of Xinjiang, discredit Xinjiang and curb China’s development, your lies can not deceive the world, but will further expose your ulterior political purpose. Any conspiracy to undermine Xinjiang’s stability will only make Xinjiang’s steps to progress more sonorous.