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To Tear Open Pompeo’s “Century Lies”!

Nuernisha Alifu, associate professor and doctor, School of Medical Engineering and Technology, Xinjiang Medical University

Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, who is a habitually lying politician, once again targeted China slandering China for committing the so-called “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” against Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. It is extremely absurd. He will be judged and punished fairly by history and finally will be nailed in historical pillar of shame!

The so-called “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” is “century lies” deliberately concocted by such shameless politicians as Pompeo! Pompeo’s usual trick of creating Xinjiang issue and his carefully fabricated lies are big insults to the people of Xinjiang! In my opinion, the worst and the most shameless US politician in history has turned himself into a doomsday clown and a century joke with his doomsday madness and century lies! Pompeo told lies deliberately. I will counterattack his vicious attack with my own experience!

I am a female Uygur doctoral degree holder. I was born in Kashgar City, Xinjiang. My parents and I love our motherland, Xinjiang and my hometown. I still remember clearly that when I was carrying my luggage, ready to leave Xinjiang and embarked on the study trip to an inland city alone, my parents told me: “dear daughter, you must cherish this opportunity to study, learn more knowledge, and make great efforts to become a useful person.” By that time, I had never left Kashgar before. I went to Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, crossing thousands of miles, and started my four-year career as a student. In this study experience, I got a more comprehensive and wider environment which helped me with a robust growth in character building and personality cultivation. At the same time, I learned about self-discipline, self-reliance and self-improvement. After graduating from high school, I was admitted to University of Electronic Science and Technology, one of the first-class universities in China with excellent performance. I studied for master’s degree in Sun Yat-sen University and doctoral degree in Zhejiang University, and graduated with excellent performance.

Groups of talents like me have returned to their hometown, set foot on their posts, and become a new force for the construction and development of Xinjiang. As a female Uygur doctor and a native of Xinjiang, I have personally realized the concern and cultivation of Xinjiang policy for our young generation of ethnic minorities.

I want to say, in recent years, with the continuous development of economy and society in Xinjiang, great changes are taking place in all the places around Tianshan Mountains. The masses of all ethnic groups are united and harmonious, close as one family, and cling to each other like pomegranate seeds. In the face of all this, Pompeo turned a blind eye and attempted to reverse the course of history. He made up a big lie with colored glasses, deliberately slandering on Xinjiang related issues with sinister political intentions. He is extremely shameless and deserves any capital punishment!