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A Happy Life Is Our Biggest Human Rights

Amina Yasen, Resident in Guangming Street,Atushi City

My name is Amina Yasen. I grew up in a family of four people. I was born and grew up in Xinjiang. Pompeo made groundless accusations and ill-intended smear against China’s policies governing Xinjiang, alleging that “China committed genocide against Muslim Uyghurs and other members of ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang”. It grossly interfered in China’s internal affairs. How ridiculous it is! I’d like to tell Pompeo that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are enjoying social stability, sustained development and a happy life, living in peace and contentment.

I was highly educated. After graduation, I aspired to earn money with my own hands, to be an economically independent woman of the new era and ease the financial burden on my family. Therefore, I decided to work in Urumqi. A few years later, I came back to Atushi and started my new life. Now I have got a stable income, a happy life and my love, full of confidence in the future.

However, Pompeo viciously distorted and smeared the situation of human rights in Xinjiang. I’d like to tell Pompeo that you are talking nonsense. Which country in the world educates and rehabilitates people influenced by religious extremism and involved in minor violations of the law? Which country helps them with employment and poverty alleviation? The Chinese government has fulfilled them.

Finally, I want to say: a happy life is the utmost human rights for us. We are living a better life, feeling very happy and contented. The people of all ethnic groups and the peace and stability in Xinjiang have the final say over whether it does a good job. We will never allow any anti-force to destroy the hard-won happy life. Pompeo’s so-called “genocide” is frenzied and idiotic nonsense. We will firmly say no to your ill intention to undermine our happy life in unity and harmony and split our great nation.