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Pompeo, Shut Your Mouth!

Sadahemati Mijiti, Farmer in Qapqal Xibe Autonomous Count,Ili Kazakh Prefecture,Xinjiang

I’m a farmer in Hainuer Village, Hainuke Township, Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County, Ili Kazakh Prefecture, Xinjiang. My family and I have been living here. All through these years, there have been exchange and integration among all ethnic groups. We work together to create the present beautiful and harmonious life. As a little child, I had a lot of friends of various ethnic groups including Kazakh, Hui and Han Chinese. We played, herded sheep, milked cows and studied together, leading a very harmonious life. At present, we are living a better and better life, dancing, singing and chatting together as we used to.

I don’t know what environment that politician called Pompeo lives in. He has never been to my hometown, but fabricated poisonous lies saying that “our country committed crimes against humanity and genocide against Muslim Uyghurs and other members of ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang”. It is sheer nonsense. I am a native Uyghur. There are diversified ethnic groups including Uyghur, Han, Kazakh, Hui and Uzbek in our township, with a total population of more than 16 thousand. Among them, there are 14.5 thousand Uyghur people taking up over 90% of the total population. We live and develop together here. Along the roadside, there are some shops and restaurants of featured delicious food. Etles silk clothing is the spotlight of the bazaar. The streets are hustling and bustling during Corban Festival celebrations. My friends of all ethnicities and I enjoy our life here. Today, my children get nine-year compulsory education. I enjoy health care and have nucleic acid testing and Covid-19 Vaccination free of charge. We have farming subsidies. The township often organizes us to learn the techniques in animal husbandry and electric welding. We make use of the leisure time in winter to update knowledge, expand the channels of employment and raise income and living standards. We have a very promising life ahead of us..

Pompeo, shut your mouth. Never attempt to destroy our stability and solidarity in vain. Never slander Xinjiang any more. Nobody will believe your lies. Your conspiracy is doomed to failure.