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Fighting against Smear and Slander of Mr. Liar Pompeo for as Long as It Takes

Renagul Tohut, Villager of Kiman Township, Kuche County, Aksu Prefecture

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo falsely accused Xinjiang of “forced birth control” in the guise of the so-called “infringement on human rights”. As a Uyghur woman born and bred in Xinjiang, I find his ridiculous remarks outrageous and feel indignant. His groundless slander and deliberate smear revealed his ugliness and sinister motives in destroying the growth and progress of Xinjiang. Strongly condemning his despicable conducts, I am determined to fight against his malicious smear and slander.

There has never been any so-called “infringement on human rights” or “forced birth control” in Xinjiang alleged by the habitual liar Pompeo. I have three children and all of them, since they were born, have been benefiting much from various preferential policies of the Party and government. The government covered 90% of the costs on prenatal screenings and deliveries, substantially alleviating our economic burden. During the lactation period, the female cadres of the village and township committees came to my home regularly to tell me how to breastfeed and take care of my babies. The free education from kindergarten all the way to the senior high school makes quality education accessible to my children, so we have nothing to worry. The alleged “forced birth control” by Mr. Pompeo, the liar is nothing but smear and slander. A number of families like my own, are enjoying various policy privileges in employment, education, social security, poverty alleviation and comfortable housing. We are having such a good and happy life. Pompeo attempted to incite the ethnic hatred, disrupt stability and curb the growth of Xinjiang by spreading rumors and slanders on Xinjiang-related issues to confuse the public. How shameless are his ugly lies and contemptible attempts!

As a habitual liar, Pompeo turned a blind eye to truth and facts in Xinjiang. As an ethnic minority civilian, facing epidemic-like hideous lies spread by Pompeo, I am now expressing my utmost distain and denunciation and determined to fight against them to the end!