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A Primary School Teacher’s Anger at Pompeo

Aygul Dalelbek, No.1 Primary School, Tacheng City, Tarbagatay Prefecture

Recently, Pompeo made false allegations about China’s Xinjiang, deliberately slandered its human rights situation, viciously attacked China’s governance policies in it, and ignored the true feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. This once again exposed Pompeo’s ugly face and sinister intentions. As an ethnic minority teacher living in Xinjiang, I feel very angry and strongly condemn Pompeo’s behavior of ignoring history, disregarding the facts and wantonly fabricating lies.

What is Xinjiang really like? We who live in Xinjiang know best! Earth-shaking changes have taken place in Xinjiang since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. I have witnessed and experienced those changes. I was born in an ordinary peasant family. I remember when I was in primary school, the school was still an adobe house with no street lights around. In winter, it was very dark on the way home from school. Younger children were apt to get lost on a foggy day. At that time, the road was potholed and people were poor. With the implementation of policies of benefiting people, wide asphalt roads connecting cities and villages, tall buildings, and tree-lined squares can be seen everywhere. People have larger houses and more money in their pockets, enjoying social harmony and stability and living and working in peace and contentment. The faces of people of all ethnic groups are brimming with happy smiles. There are signs of prosperity everywhere.

Now I feel proud of being a primary teacher. Under the Communist Party’s good policies, my parents moved into a spacious house from the shabby adobe house, bought an apartment in the city this year, and now receive pensions every month; my brother and sister-in-law are hired as border guards, earning 5,000 yuan a month; my younger brother and sister-in-law work in the township government. These are real changes that are happening to us and tangible benefits we enjoy.

I firmly believe that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will cherish today’s good life and join hands to protect our beautiful homeland. No slander can stop people of all ethnic groups from uniting and forging ahead, and no plot can interfere with the development and prosperity of Xinjiang.