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Stop Your Slanders and Lies, Mike Pompeo

 Reshalan Mamuti,Retired Employee of Central Hospital of Kumul City

My name is Reshalan Mamuti, I am a female Uyghur. And I am an retired worker of the central hospital in Kumul city. Now I am sharing my own experience so as to warn Mike Pompeo to stop his slanders and lies and shut up his dirty mouth.

I was born in a peaceful age, growing all along with my three siblings in a warm family. And we have been living a happy life. However, I am well aware that the peace was earned by our ancestors who had been through countless hardships, who had sacrificed their lives and youth. And the Chinese Communist Party has been warming me like the sun, it is the party that educated and trained me, which I will always bear in mind. Then I became a medical worker with the help of the party, devoting myself to the great cause of rescuing the wounded and the dying so as to serve the people wholeheartedly.

Now our living conditions are just superior, I can receive a high retirement salary, and medical care is also well ensured. Although I suffer from vitiligo and I have to go to a doctor in Urumqi frequently, I don’t have to pay a lot because all the money for medical treatment is reimbursed by the state. My father and sister were in hospital the other day, but we had to bear just a little bit of the expenses, most of which was reimbursed by the state, thanks to the amazing medical reimbursement policies. Without such good policies, those medical expenses would be a great burden to a ordinary family like us. But now we live in abundance, medical treatment and pension is also guaranteed.

In my spare time, I will go through the Internet to learn about the development and changes of the motherland as well as people’s happy life.Chinese Communist Party's policies have been making Xinjiang a better place, our motherland is growing stronger and stronger. And I am very proud of it. Pompeo declared on the Internet that China's policy towards we Muslims and ethnic minorities had committed the "crime of genocide". As a Muslim and an ethnic minority in Xinjiang, I want to step forward and say: He is just making up nonsense! I am warning Pompeo here: do not to speak nonsense to discredit our motherland and our government's policy over Xinjiang. We can only get better and better under the leadership of Chinese Communist Party. Stability will continue to improve, the society will keep developing and we will live a life that is much happier!