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See Clearly Pompeo’s Vicious Intentions

Yakup Imin, Villager at Tugemanbex Village, Taxiarik Town, Xinhe County

As is known to all, Pompeo, the expert of lying in the international arena who has been spiteful to China as always, slandered and smeared China’s governance of Xinjiang wantonly to an absurdly shameful extent. How come I, a Uyghur in Xinjiang have never heard anything about what Pompeo described as “crimes against humanity ”and “genocide”? We Uyghur people live a good life here in Xinjiang and our rights are fully safeguarded. Pompeo, stop your fabrication of lies and slander! Pompeo’s vicious intention is to mess up with our country, separate Xinjiang from China and make us live a bad life and destroy our happy life.

As a Uyghur, my rights have been respected and well-protected. I live an equal and free life in my own country and enjoy a life that’s getting better and better. There’s no such thing as “genocide”! My family has been farmers for generations. In my childhood, my elder brother, sister and I started to work in the fields ever since we graduated from middle school, owing to our unfavorable economic conditions. With the growing advance of the Reform and Opening-up policies, the Communist Party and the government have been implementing a series of favorable policies in our region, factories are set up in the villages and we are able to earn money without going out of the villages.Convenience centers have been set up in the villages,which make life much easier to villagers. The overall state of the villages have changed remarkably and have become tidier and cleaner. Kindergartens have been set up in the village when children learn and eat for free, which was unimaginable in the past. My family have witnessed great change as well. I now work at Green Forestry Company close to my home, having a salary of over RMB 4000. My wife runs a small canteen at the gate of the village committee and has favorable income, selling barbecue in the evening. My adobe house has become brick house, we drink running water instead of water from the small reservoir, we enjoy better food now than being hungry and our life is getting better. Now I drive a car, use smart phone, our house is equipped with various kinds of electronic facilities and I feel very happy. If the government carried out “genocide”, we would be poorer, live a worse life. How come our life is getting better and better?

Being a common person born and growing up in Xinjiang and a witness of the great changes in life, I want to tell Pompeo: You have no right to fabricate lies regardless of facts, interfere with China’s internal affairs and destroy our happy life. We are most clear about our own life. Your evil plot, base tricks and vicious intention are doomed to fail. Pompeo, get out of our business!