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We Uygurs are Living a Good Life in Xinjiang

Abdusemi Sytek, Hatip of Mosque Jiaman in Bachu County, Kashgar

Recently, I learned from the news on the Internet that "Mike Pompeo declared that China had committed ‘genocide’ and ‘crimes against humanity’ against Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in Xinjiang". This is such a monstrous lie that makes me feel shocked and indignant. It's hard to imagine that the "doomsday clown" who is notorious for "lying, cheating and stealing" is still performing the show of "doomsday madness" at the end of his term.

I am an Uygur named Abdusemi Sytek, a native of Bachu County in Xinjiang. Now I live in the 15th village of Akesakemarele township and work as a Hatip of Mosque Jiaman in the 13th village. As a Muslim in Xinjiang, I think I have the most say in the authenticity of Pompeo’s words. And the truth is that no government here has ever committed “genocide” against Uygurs and Muslims, and there is no so-called “crimes against humanity”. On the other hand, I want to ask Pompeo: Have you ever been to Xinjiang or Bachu county? You do not even have the right to make any remark. What is more, you are just lying through your teeth.

I want to tell every one that Xinjiang is thriving and prosperous. Our country has made great efforts to develop Xinjiang's economy by carrying out poverty alleviation projects. And many provinces and cities across the country have provided assistance to our hometown. In 2020, all poor households in our county were lifted out of poverty and began to live a well-off life. Great changes have taken place in our hometown. Kindergartens have been built in every village, villagers have all moved into earthquake resistant houses, asphalt roads expands to every unit in the village. Our life is getting better and better now. Take me as an example, there are 5 people in my family. Now we keep 12 breeding sheep with a land of 72 mu. The total income of the family usually amounts to 120 thousand yuan a year. We are having a happy life. So I would like to ask: will an oppressive and anti human government develop the construction of new countryside and build schools and earthquake resistant houses for us?

And Pompeo also condemned Xinjiang for restricting the freedom of religious belief of the Uygur people. As a religious personnel, I think I have the most say in the authenticity of Pompeo’s words. Here, the freedom of religious belief is protected by law. We have the freedom to believe in a religion or not. No villager will be discriminated against or treated unfairly for being religious or atheistic.

There are many mosques here, which facilitates the nearby religious people to do worship. The government has also invested a lot of money to improve the conditions of the mosques, providing the mosques with water, electricity, radios, televisions and libraries, the roads have also been leveled for the convenience of religious people. The government have even installed shower facilities and flushing urinals, medical services equipment, LED displays, computers, electric fans and air conditioners, fire fighting equipment, water dispensers, shoe covers and shoe cover machines and lockers for our main mosque. All of these have greatly improved the conditions for our religious activities, winning tremendous admiration and appreciation from the religious people. What’s more, I have been able to attend training in Urumqi and Kashgar every year since I became the Hatip, which expands my mental horizons. In a word, facts have proven that our religious policy is in line with China's national conditions and the reality of Xinjiang, and the policy is also protected by law. Policies of freedom of religious belief stipulated by law have been fully carried out in Xinjiang.

I am not sure whether Pompeo would provide such considerate services to Muslims, whether he would build such good mosques and facilities, and protect the religious rights of Muslims. What I know for sure is that we Uygur people are living a good life in Xinjiang. There is no need for others to make any comment. And Pompeo, it will be the most desirable for you to mind your own business.