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People of All Ethnic Groups March to the Beautiful Future Hand in Hand

Gulihan Hader, Cadre at the Office of Overseas Chinese, Hoboksar County, Tacheng Prefecture

Recently, I read the false remarks released by Pompeo who intended to interfere with China’s internal affairs, damage China’s interests and hurt Chinese people’s feelings. He even claimed in the so-called allegation that Xinjiang committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” towards Muslim Uygurs and other ethnic minorities. I was astonished. He was talking nonsense and lies. All his remarks do not match with the true situations in Xinjiang. They are not facts.

In Xinjiang, as the Han couple are allowed to have two children, we ethnic couples are allowed to have two to three children. Now my children are all at school and in their classes there are many students of Kazakh, Uygur, Mongolian, Han backgrounds who often visit each other. My children play with other children happily in the community, too.

Living in Xinjiang, I have deeper understanding of solidarity of people of different ethnic groups. I witness harmony and friendship close to me and the languages, traditional cultures, rituals and customs are all well protected and preserved. People of different ethnic backgrounds have benefited from favorable policies. The government has provided us with many training, job opportunities and it has encouraged, helped and supported our efforts for a prosperous life with our hard work. We live a happy and joyful life. I feel very confident with our happier life in Xinjiang in the future.

I want to ask Pompeo: Have you been to Xinjiang? Do you know it? We, people in Xinjiang have a say to whether we live a better life or not. It’s not your turn to interfere and slander my hometown. Pompeo, stop making lies!