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Lies Will Be Exposed and Virus Will Be Eliminated

Bahaergul Abodureyimu, a worker at Yindun Security Services Company, Shanshan County, Turpan City

My name is Bahaergul Abodureyimu. I live in beautiful Turpan, Xinjiang and I am a worker of a state-owned company.

On January 19, 2021, Pompeo delivered a series of improper Xinjiang-related remarks with the vicious intention of interfering with China’s internal affairs and slandering its governance of Xinjiang. Being an ordinary Uygur living in Xinjiang, I feel very angry at Pompeo’s slander of my hometown. I also realize that we need to let more people know Xinjiang and understand it so that the lies made by Pompeo and his likes are exposed.

In my opinion, Pompeo’s conducts were like that of “dark cyberstar”, who intended to catch the public attention before leaving office with extreme and ugly methods. The lie of “forced birth control” fabricated by Pompeo is very absurd. “Genocide” is nonsense. What makes one disgusted is that he took learning skills, training, learning law and self-directed employment as “forced labor”. A foreigner who has never been to Xinjiang and known it is not allowed to comment at will what Xinjiang, China is like. Pompeo’s false comments on it make more and more people in Xinjiang know what a clown is.

One thousand lies will not cover up the fact that Xinjiang sees social stability, sustained development and people’s happy life, thanks to the joint efforts of people of different ethnic groups. This is the fact Pompeo does not want to and is not willing to see. He spread the Xinjiang-related false fabrications for the vicious intention of inciting ethnic hatred, damaging social stability in Xinjiang and misleading the international opinion.

I believe Pompeo’s plot won’t succeed. I hope he minds his own business instead of spending much time and energy on slandering China, smearing Xinjiang, interfering with China’s own business. I believe lies will be exposed and virus will be eliminated.