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Pompeo’s Vicious Remark of “China Is Prosecuting Uygur People in Xinjiang” Is Doomed to Fail

Abduklim Ailken, Vice Principal, Artux No. 1 Middle School

My name is Abduklim Ailken, an educator in Artux City, Xinjiang, China.

Recently, the former US Secretary of State Pompeo launched a series of defaming and vicious remarks on human rights in Xinjiang, ignoring the great achievements accomplished by Xinjiang in fighting extremism and terrorism. He viciously vilified the Chinese government, without any reason claiming that Xinjiang has committed “genocide” and “crimes against humanity”. By interfering Chinese internal affairs, provoking on ethnic relations in China, smearing all-around developmental achievements in Xinjiang, and ignoring the truth and fact that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are enjoying a wonderful and happy life, Pompeo’s words and actions fully show his evil heart and vicious intentions. Pompeo’s defaming remarks on Xinjiang’s policies against terrorism, splittism and extremism, revealed his purpose of sabotaging and damaging China’s development. Out of his selfish political consideration, Pompeo launched ridiculous show one after another, ignoring the facts, making up lies, belittling justice and demonstrating his shamelessness. For all his words and actions, I express my strong condemnation and I am firmly against them.

As a Uygur educator in Xinjiang, I was born and raised here and therefore I am in the most suitable position as to speak for the situation of Xinjiang people. At present all ethnic groups in Xinjiang enjoy the most wonderful satisfaction on sense of achievement, happiness and security. For many years continually Xinjiang government has spent 70% of its financial budget on ensuring and improving people’s living, continuously pushing on such important benefiting projects as employment, education, medical care, social security insurance and household living and making sure that a series of living issues which are concerned with people’s personal interests are being solved. Especially, by focusing on alleviating the profound poverty situation in four southern Xinjiang prefectures and on building a well-fare society in an all-around way, in year 2020 all these poverty-stricken areas have been lifted out of poverty. The situation that before these poverty-stricken people in these areas have not enough to eat has become that fact that they have not only enough to eat, but also eating with health and gratification. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang are heartily happy and praising these good polices which can be seen and felt from their bottom of hearts.

By making up false news, confusing people’s judgment and controlling the media, Pompeo denied the huge accomplishment and hard work that Xinjiang people have done in respecting and ensuring human rights. All his words and actions are totally against facts and truth and what he did would only let people around the world to see more clearly his ugly, hypocritical and vicious intentions. With all the facts and truth, Pompeo’s lies are doomed to fail.