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Pompeo -- You Have No Right to Comment on Us!

Zimanguly Kurban, a worker in Bachu Town, Bachu County, Kashgar, Xinjiang

I am Zimanguly Kurban, 27 years old, a Uygur girl in Bachu Town, Bach County in Kashgar. Recently I read the news that Pompeo was making a so-called claim as “condemning atrocities in Xinjiang”. Pompeo once again made the vicious remark that “Xinjiang is forcing ethnic minorities to work”, to which I am so indignant. I am firmly against and feel strong disgust on Pompeo’s defaming and scandalous words and actions. As a normal worker, my feelings and emotions are the most true. Pompeo, a notorious “expert” on making up lies, does not have rights to say anything about our life and business. I will tell my happy life with my own experience.

I used to live in Yinwusiti Town, about 100 kilometers away from Bachu urban district. I had a few acres of land and worked very hard with my husband from morning till afternoon. These days were difficult and hard. In January, 2018, following the policy, we moved from Yinwusiti Town to Happy Garden Community in Bachu urban district. The government did not only give us a free beautiful house, but also help in finding jobs.

With the help from civil workers, I got a job as a seamstress in a factory which is near my house. Now each month I can earn a salary about 3000 RMB yuan, and my husband has also got a job as a repair man in the urban area and he also earns about 3000 RMB yaun for a month. Our children join in kindergarten which is inside our living community and it is all free of charge. In my spare time I can look after the family and take and send children to school. I am especially happy about my living now and my family is having a wonderful life here. I always talk with family and friends about the huge change happening in my home town. The life I am having now is beyond my imagination and it is like having a dream coming true.

Now we are using the safe, clean and sanitary running water, a fashionable refrigerator, washing machine, television, sofa and all that. The natural gas is convenient to use and it can be used to either cook or heat the water for shower. In winter we enjoy heating system and in summer we have cooling air conditioner. Compared with the adobe house that we had before, the living level and household condition we are having now are so wonderful. I and my husband can not help saying that we are now the “true” urban people.

Ensuring all ethnic groups in Xinjiang to have a happy life is the biggest human right. Now we are having a happy and wonderful life, a secure job and enjoying all kinds of good policies. All these are happening in China. Mr. Pompeo, have you made any beneficial policies like we did here in China? You always claim that you are defending “human rights”. Have you made any contribution like what we did here? You are so shameless! And once again, I declare, you have no right to comment on us!