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Pompeo’s Palpable Lies Will Fall off of Themselves

Abibow Rihman, Vice Chairman of Urumqi Writers Association

Pompeo, former US Secretary of State, is a real crook, a flat-out liar, and a perverse wretch. Even on his last day in office, he was still spreading rumors, declaring absurdly that China had committed "genocide" and “crimes against humanity” in Xinjiang. The rumors he concocted, contrary to the truth, reflect clearly his nature of the clown of the century. What he did is a flagrant violation of international law, and grossly interferes in China's internal affairs. His evil intention is to sling mud at China and to destabilize Xinjiang, so as to realize American government’s dream of splitting Xinjiang from China. His shoddy lies are easy to expose and will be disgusted and sniffed at by people from all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

As a saying goes, “as you make your bed, so you must lie on it”, Pompeo will surely be nailed to the pillar of shame in history for his long arm jurisdiction, false words and evil actions. The increasing prosperity and vigor of China, the tremendous progress in Xinjiang with each passing day, and the intimacy among all ethnic groups, make Pompeo cherish grudges and spare no effort to fabricate rumors, tell lies, slander and smear China. What he did will surely be futile and would backfire, turning him into a laughingstock of the world.

As for the real situation in Xinjiang and whether people's living standard is good, Pompeo, the big liar, does not have the final word; instead, the people of all ethnic groups living in Xinjiang do have. Unprecedented great changes are taking place every day, from northern Xinjiang to southern Xinjiang, from villages to pastoral areas, and from factories to fields. Each smiling face reflects the Party’s and the state’s care and concern in every possible way. The wide and unobstructed roads, like rainbows of happiness, bring much happiness to people; the comfortable earthquake-resistant houses built for the poor are a miracle. As for the major people's livelihood issues such as education, employment, healthcare and social pension insurance, the Party and the governments at all levels have tried every means to make them fully implemented. In the words of the people, the practical things in the interest of the people done by the Party and the governments, like the stars in the sky, are too numerous to count.

Take education and employment as examples, the state has invested heavily in these tasks. In recent years, China has held Xinjiang classes in some famous senior and junior high schools in dozens of inland cities, enrolling ethnic minority students mainly from Xinjiang's farming and pasturing areas. The educational experiences in the well-developed and vibrant big cities help broaden their horizons, and fill them with happiness and pride. Only the Communist Party of China has such broad-mindedness and cohesiveness. With a national sentiment of boundless love, the Party makes the children of ethnic minorities in remote areas have access to the fairness and dividends of education.

Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood, and those who gain the most are also the ethnic minorities. People from the four prefectures in southern Xinjiang voluntarily choose to work in northern Xinjiang and even the inland cities, in addition to nearby local employment. In particular, the governments and enterprises in the inland make every effort to provide the migrant workers from Xinjiang with help and support in all aspects, especially in diet, so that they are free from worries and concerns, and they work wholeheartedly and happily. From the work, they get not only skills and talents but also considerable salary, which they send home on a monthly basis, supporting both the parents and children. Therefore, as a Uygur saying goes, if something is beneficial to both a person himself and the others, why not do it? One day, I learned from TV news that, a young female worker in an inland enterprise said that, she would start her own business in her hometown when she learned the necessary skills. I think that her future business must be brisk.

In August 2019, I was fortunate to join a Xinjiang writers’ team to digest the southern Xinjiang experience before sharing it as writer. We visited eight counties or cities in Kashgar prefecture in southern Xinjiang. From factories, villages, ordinary people, volunteers and officials, I learned a lot. I found lots examples of “one person is employed, and the whole family gets rid of poverty”. I could fathom that those who come to support Xinjiang's development bear in mind a national sentiment of boundless love. Among the typical and convincing examples are Xiabandi Hydro-project which is a comprehensive water conservancy project in a remote place of Taxkorgan County, the large scale project of relocating the poor in Aksh town of Yecheng County, the large ecological protection forest construction in Markit County, Xinyue Textile & Garment Zone in Yopurga County which creates 1,100 new jobs, and the urban renewal project of Kashgar city benefiting 220,000 people, which is the enormous changes and people’s happy life in Xinjiang in miniature. We witness the changes and progress in this region, which will not be obliterated by Pompeo, no matter how hard he tries.

Thanks to the preferential policy for ethnic minorities, I was enrolled to be one of the first college students after the resumption of the college entrance examination by a university in Qufu of Shandong province, the hometown of Confucius. Similarly, benefiting from the "Program for High-Caliber Personnel from Ethnic Minorities", one of my two children was admitted by Minzu University of China and later one was a postgraduate student there, and the other was accepted by Peking University as a postgraduate student too.

Being blinded by his evil lust, Pompeo fascinated the groundless rumors about Xinjiang, grossly interfering in China's internal affairs, to which Xinjiang will definitely say no, and people from all ethnic groups will also absolutely say no. Dirty, low, shameless and absurd are too mild words to describe him. I am very clear that, Pompeo is afraid that we will develop well, live a good life, and unite closely. I can not help thinking of a poem of Chairman Mao Zedong about countering hegemony, in which the countries or people bullying the weak are compared to little flies, buzzing blindly and obnoxiously. This poem is a vivid portrayal of Pompeo’s current situation. OK, let him weep alone in a corner.