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We Have the Say on Xinjiang, Not Pompeo

Gulibadam Maimaiti, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Urumqi Evening Post, Deputy Chairman of Urumqi Journalist Association

Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, launched a series of defaming remarks on Xinjiang, China, and especially on Xinjiang’s human rights, viciously smearing the efforts made by Xinjiang people in fighting against extremism and terrorism and scandalously vilifying Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang. These remarks of Pompeo are strongly against international laws and basic norms of international relations, strongly intervening Chinese internal affairs, wantonly provoking relationship among all ethnic groups in China, willfully obliterating great achievements obtained since the liberation of Xinjiang and intentionally ignoring the true feelings of all Xinjiang people.

I am seriously telling Mr. Pompeo: Whether the Chinese government’s polices on Xinjiang are good or not, whether Xinjiang’s society is stable or not, whether Xinjiang people’s life is well-off or not, Xinjiang people has the say! Not Pompeo! At present, Xinjiang’s society is stable and harmonious, the economy is developing and the people is living a happy life. In this big family of our great country, all ethnic groups (Uygur people included) help each other and enjoy a harmonious friendship. All their rights are fully protected and they are having an excellent relation and enjoying a happy life. It is sound to say that we are at the best stage in development. In the last four years there is zero incident of terrorism and the uttermost effort has been made to protect the life rights of Xinjiang people, which is the best demonstration of respecting human rights. This fact is heartily and extensively agreed by both Chinese people and the international society. As for the fact and truth, Pompeo chose to ignore. However, he pointed his filthy fingers at Chinese internal affairs by putting on the fake mask of “protecting human rights”. His purpose was none other than to vilify China’s image by way of remarking on Xinjiang, sabotaging China’s stability and trying to contain China’s development. The lies about Xinjiang, made up by Pompeo, are not only extreme offense on Xinjiang people, but also the betrayal and challenge on basic integrity and conscience based on objective facts. He tried to sabotage China’s security and stability and hinder China’s development by smearing and attacking China and the Communist Party of China, by making up the so-called “Xinjiang Issue” and by intervening Chinese internal affairs with the fake mask of “human rights”.

To maintain social stability in Xinjiang is the destiny endowed to us by time and history and is also the common responsibility for all Xinjiang people. As an ethnic CPC officer, who was born and raised here and live and work here, I deeply feel that the stability, prosperity, social progress, economic development in Xinjiang is a blessing for all people here. In the following, I would like to tell the huge changes happening here in Xinjiang with my own experience. I was born in Wushi County, Aksu Prefecture, which is about 1100 kilometers away from Urumqi. When I came to Urumqi to study as a college student, I had to take long-distance bus for four days and three nights. But now look at Xinjiang: the expressway is so beautiful, and it is convenient to take train or airplane. It takes only about 70 minutes now to travel from Aksu to Urumqi by air and if you take the train it is only about a dozen hours to travel the same distance. The transportation is fast and convenient. Such examples around me are too many and the changes in Xinjiang in recent decades can be said as huge. My parents witnessed the prosperous development after the founding of the People’s Republic of China and they are also the beneficiaries of happy life brought by the Communist Party of China, profoundly getting the benefits. Therefore, when we were young, my parents told us to study hard and become useful person to our great country, making our own contribution to the development of our great country. It is just because of the excellent education brought by the CPC and Chinese people, I, a girl born in a small county in southern Xinjiang, could become a college student and gradually grow up to be a CPC officer. From 2013 to now I am working as the standing committee member of CPC branch and deputy editor-in-chief of Urumqi Evening Post. In 2016 I was promoted in title as the senior editor (equal as professor in a university). All these are recognized by our country and our great party. Without the care and cultivation of the party and the state, where do I find the stable work and happy life? In Xinjiang there are many and many such cases like me....

Look around us. There are tremendous changes happening in such fields as education, medical care, transportation, agricultural and husbandry development and infrastructure construction. One does not need to worry at all about eating, clothing, living, working and traveling. Our life is so happy and wonderful. Today’s Xinjiang could be said as at the best stage of prosperous development in history. All ethnic groups are enjoying their happy living and excellent environment, enjoying full living rights and development rights. As a citizen in Xinjiang, I am the witness and direct beneficiary of great changes in Xinjiang and I am proud of our great country!

I firmly believe that all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are like pomegranate seeds, holding together tightly and working together diligently for prosperity and development. Xinjiang’s tomorrow is surely to be better and better! Any conspiracy to sabotage Xinjiang’s prosperity and stability and to contain China’s development is doomed to fail! Any slander could not stop the great progress of rejuvenation of Chinese nation! Any rumor could not smear the fact of development and progress of human rights in Xinjiang! Any vicious plot could not waver the determination of Xinjiang people to work hard and in solidarity.