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Cut off Pompeo’s “Black Hand”

Rehanguli Mamti, Villager of Anakule Township, Bachu County, Kashgar Prefecture

Recently, I heard that Pompeo issued a statement saying that China’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang amounted to “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”, and that China’s family planning policy was a so-called means to restrict the Uygur population in Xinjiang. This is really nonsense and a pure smear. As a Uygur woman, I have the right to refute these lies. Now I will let you know a real Xinjiang the real birth and life of our Uygur people with my real experience.

My name is Rehanguli Mamuti, 35 years old. I live in Village No. 2, Anakule Township, Bachu County, Kashgar Prefecture. I am a native Uygur woman from south Xinjiang, with five members in my family, including three children.

I used to be a rural housewife, who was around her husband and children. I did housework and took care of children every day. I didn’t have my own job, nor did I have a stable income. I even had to ask my husband for buying a bag of salt, let alone clothes and cosmetics. The farthest place I had ever been to was our town. I didn’t know what the outside world was like. I felt my husband and children all my world, and the kitchen was where I should stay.

When I saw other women receiving education and embracing a new life inspired by good policies, I also wanted to have a change. I was elected the director of the Women’s Federation in my village, and my mind changed a lot. I decided to change myself and tried my best to be a capable modern woman. In this way, with the help of the village committee, I have my own job and a stable income. I put on beautiful and fashionable clothes, put on delicate makeup and go to the village committee happily every day. In addition, I begin to use my spare time to learn cultural knowledge, to use my mobile phone to know more about the outside world. I watch some inspirational videos of modern women, which not only recharge me, but also increase my knowledge.

Being a female director in the village, I have a comprehensive understanding of national policies, especially in family planning. The Communist Party and the government have always been inclined to assist our ethnic minorities with various policies. In south Xinjiang, a couple of ethnic minorities in cities and towns can have two children, and in rural areas three children. In my opinion, the current family planning policy is very good. In my mother’s time, women gave birth to children without control, which not only resulted in poor health of adults, but also made the children weak and sick. Moreover, too many children would put a great burden on the family, and parents could not provide children with high-quality growth environment. The current family planning policy is conducive to the eugenics of women, good to our health, and good to the growth of our children, so that children can have a better environment for growth. Now all the expenses for children to go to school are free, and there are various expenses such as living allowance for each period of school.

Now I am an epitome of most minority women in south Xinjiang. We have gradually embarked on the road of being modern women. We have our own work, stable income, and live a life we like. Our family live happily together. I am particularly satisfied with my life now.

This is what Pompeo can’t see and doesn’t want to see. Pompeo, you constantly slandered us and you didn’t want to see us live a happy life. You are a vicious villain, which makes us very angry. I feel so indignant about this that I could have slapped you in the face. I warn you not to talk nonsense any more. Weren’t you talking about human rights? In the name of human rights, I would like to warn you that Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang and is our home. We live a happy life here. We do not allow malicious people, liars like you to interfere with our own affairs!