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Who Are You to Interfere with China’s Own Affairs

Ilamu Turhong, Farmer in Selibuya Town, Bachu County, Kashgar Prefecture

I was very angry and strongly indignant when I recently read Pompeo’s false remarks and lies about Xinjiang on the Internet, saying that our country’s policy towards Muslims and ethnic minorities in Xinjiang amounted to “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. As a native Uygur farmer in Xinjiang, I have the best say in how our country treats us, whether we live well or not, and whether we have human rights.

My name is Ilamu Turhong, 24 years old. I live in the 10th community of Selibuya town, Bachu county. There are six people in my family, and we have been farmers for generations. Since kindergarten, we have enjoyed the national policy of education and benefit for ethnic minorities. Not only does it cost no money to go to school, but also meals are free, and many subsidies are given every semester.

Our family lives in a government-funded house. The government reimburses almost all the expenses for farmers to see a doctor. Even farmers who grow cotton and wheat receive various subsidies. Now, my home and my living environment are more beautiful than some cities. Every family lives in beautiful houses with modern appliances. Cars replace donkeys. Straight asphalt roads lead to every corner of the village. Now we live a peaceful and happy life here.

Pompeo, where do you get these false claims? Have you ever been to Xinjiang? Do you know the real life of our Uygur people? Aren’t you tired of relying on your own imagination all day long and making up these untrue statements without any facts? Your sinister attempts are known to all, which is to destroy our peace and happiness of good life, unwilling to see us live a good life. As a member of the big family of China, I will never allow such a thing to happen.