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Pompeo, No More Lies, Please!

Razya Jelil, a Resident of Shatian Community in the Economy New District in Hotan

Recently, I read in the news media that the former US Secretary of State Pompeo said that Xinjiang has committed "crimes against humanity" against Uygur Muslims and other ethnic minorities, forcing Uygurs to work. The so-called "forced labor" is ridiculous and totally fabricated.

As a Xinjiang native working in other domestic provinces, I use my own experience to tell you the truth of the so-called "forced labor". My name is Razya Jelil. I'm 21 years old. There are seven people in my family. Because the family's financial situation was poor, my father felt it a heavy pressure. I cared about my father so much that I wanted to help him share the pressure by taking a job to make money. A friend whom I grew up with came back from other provinces and talked about the life of working in the mainland, which made me envious. I also wanted to work in the mainland, where I was supposed to learn technology and broaden my vision. After discussing with my family, I applied for a job in a company in Shandong Province in January 2019 with a salary of about 4500 yuan.

When I entered the factory for the first time, I knew nothing about textile work. It was the master of Han who taught me technology in person. The company treats us the employees of ethnic minorities from border areas with very considerate arrangement, providing us with spacious and comfortable dormitories, water heater, air conditioner, sofa, etc. They also provide us with libraries, billiards room and other cultural and entertainment places, organizing us to take part in some sports and activities such as tug of war, speech, Xinjiang style dancing in our spare time. They hold tea party and get-together every Spring Festival to enrich our spare time life. Sometimes, the company arranges a coach to take us to visit or travel. Most of my monthly salary has been sent to my parents. Mom and dad are very happy to receive the money I send home. Mother said: "my baby daughter can earn so much money, I will save it for you as a dowry!" I was very shy and happy to hear my mother say that. I would like to ask Pompeo, we volunteer to work outside to make money for ourselves, how dare you say that we are forced to do so? I work hard for myself and my family to earn money to support my family. Is this "forced labor"?

As a member of the vast number of Chinese labors, our rights and interests are protected by law. Where we go and what we do are all based on our own will, and there is no organization or individual forcing us to do so. I hope Pompeo does not make up any more rumors and slander us again and does not take it proud lie or cheat, and does not make up false news again and again to destroy the happy life of the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.