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Nothing Can Stop the Progress of Xinjiang

Azezi Ahat, Uyghur Editorial Department of Xinjiang Daily

Before Pompeo left office, he frequently told lies related to Xinjiang, wantonly hyping the so-called Xinjiang issue, uttering nonsense and attacking the Communist Party of China in language for no reason. He distorted and denied the dramatic changes in the north and south of Tianshan Mountains, and deliberately discredited Xinjiang for no reason. It's just a bunch of nonsense. As a native Uygur and Party member in Xinjiang, as well as a participant who experiences and witnesses the beneficiary of Xinjiang's stable development, I am extremely indignant and strongly oppose and condemn his lies!

Pompeo slandered that citizens in Xinjiang are restricted especially their freedom of religious belief, which is totally a release of his evil intentions harbored. Pompeo's usual tactics were to wear "colored glasses" and adopted "double standards" on religious issues. A thousand lies cannot cover a fact. It has always fully respected and guaranteed the legitimate activities of various religions in Xinjiang. In recent years, the places and conditions of religious activities have been greatly improved, meeting the normal religious needs of local Muslims. Pompeo's fallacious words and deeds are disgusting.

Pompeo recklessly claimed that Xinjiang is systematically strangling minority culture, which was totally proof of his sinister motive. The Chinese government has always attached great importance to the protection and inheritance of minority culture. The twelve Muqam in Xinjiang, which has been listed as representative works of human intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, was founded in the poor economic conditions in the early days of the founding of new China. The central government paid for the rescue protection and realized the written inheritance. Since the 1960s, the central government has specially allocated funds to collect and record the folk songs and dances, folk long poems, folk literature and myths and legends of Xinjiang ethnic minorities. It was during this period that the lost "Wisdom of Royal Glory" (Kutadgu Bilig) and "Turkic Dictionary" (Divan lgat at-Turk) were collected, sorted out and studied. The 10 languages mainly used by all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are widely used in the fields of judicature, administration, education, press and publication, radio and television, Internet, social and public affairs, etc.

Instead of seeing and hearing such a fact, Pompeo frequently concocted and made absurd statements which were groundless and contrary to the truth, in an attempt to deny Xinjiang's great efforts in anti-terrorism and deradicalization, and the great achievements made in Xinjiang's human rights cause. The people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang will never agree to this! Nobody but Xinjiang locals have the right to comment on what happen in Xinjiang’s stability, development and peace. Good will prevail over evil, and the wicked will always be punished. We strongly demand that Pompeo immediately stop spreading rumors to discredit and attack Xinjiang.

Since the founding of new China, the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have consolidated and developed the socialist ethnic relations of equality, unity, mutual assistance and harmony in the process of common unity and common prosperity and development. At present, Xinjiang has made it in sustained economic development, social harmony and stability, continuous improvement of people's livelihood, and people of all ethnic groups clinging to each other like pomegranate seeds, which is in the best period of prosperity and development in history. We firmly believe that nothing can stop Xinjiang's social stability and long-term stability, and no force can stop Xinjiang's progress!