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Pompeo, You Are a Flat-out Clown and a Piece of Rubbish

Rozi Ismail, Former Vice President of the Higher People's Court of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Pompeo is notorious for lying, scapegoating and being shameless. The Hill carried the front-page headline “Pompeo is Trump attack dog on China, Covid-19” on May 10, 2020. In retrospect, the headline just verifies his ugly face. I’d like to tell Mike Pompeo that, you are a flat-out clown, and a piece of rubbish of history.

Don't you know it? Your notoriety, viciousness and maliciousness are known in the international community, as plain as the nose on your face. You have been reduced to a nuisance for the heinous crimes you have committed. And you are a creator of world human rights disasters, a rat!

Pompeo, you crazy dog, don't talk nonsense anymore; Pompeo, you rubbish, put away your ugly face. Listen carefully, and I’d like to share with the world the real Xinjiang and the real situation of this region!

In May 1947, I was born in a poor rural family in Shule county of Kashgar prefecture in Xinjiang. I spent my childhood in hunger and cold. It was the peaceful liberation of Xinjiang that allowed me, a sheep-herding boy, to receive education and keep the wolf from the door.

In June 1965, I began to work as a civil servant with Kashgar Prefectural Committee of the CPC. From then on, I have been bathed in the warm sunshine of new China and cultivated by the Chinese Communist Party, thus growing from a child of poor farmers to an official at the vice-provincial level. Now living in a happy retirement, I owe a debt of gratitude to the Party for its care and cultivation of my personal growth and progress. As a Party member with 50-year’s standing, I am extremely proud of China's prosperity and vigor, and I am extremely proud of the harmony and stability of Xinjiang today. However, Pompeo, you rubbish, I deplore your finger-pointing over Xinjiang. I’d like to ask you: do you learn about the enormous changes that have taken place in Xinjiang? Do you know that people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are really joyful due to recent four consecutive years’ social stability?

For some time in the past, Xinjiang had been plagued by terrorism, religious extremism and separatism. From 1990 to 2016, they launched thousands of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang, killing large numbers of innocent people and causing immeasurable damage to property. Even today, when mentioning such violent and terrorist activities as the July 5 riot in Urumqi in 2009, people are still in a state of shock and unspeakable fears. No one wants to see a repetition of such tragic events. As a witness to history as well as an old man born and raised in Xinjiang, I believe that I have the final word.

Today, the people’s government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region attaches great importance to governance at the source and has found a sound way to maintain Xinjiang’s stability. We have firmly and resolutely cracked down on violent terrorist crimes, and fought terrorism and extremism in accordance with the law, thus ensuring, to the maximum extent, the rights to life, survival and development of people of all ethnic groups. Today, more than 3 million people in 32 impoverished counties in Xinjiang have been lifted out of poverty, and the prominent problems in poverty alleviation have been fully resolved. Until today, there have been no violent and terrorist cases in Xinjiang for four consecutive years. With the social stability and development in Xinjiang, people have an access to a happy life. After experiencing those horrible events, the people now feel extremely happy, and have a much stronger sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.

As a Uygur proverb goes, “Gold and silver mean no wealth, while unity and harmony bring happiness to us.” I believe that the happiness of people in Xinjiang comes from social stability.

I know that these achievements are attributable to the CPC Central Committee, committed to the progress of Xinjiang and its people, has scientifically made a strategic decision of making maintaining the social order and lasting political stability the overall objective of work in relation to Xinjiang. These achievements are also attributable to the CPC Committee of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, who has firmly implemented the Party’s strategy of governing Xinjiang in the new era. In addition, these achievements are attributable to people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, who resolutely achieve the "two safeguards" and a high degree of recognition of the overall objective of work in relation to Xinjiang. Like anyone else in this region, I am grateful to the CPC Central Committee. We are full of confidence in building a beautiful homeland, and we are full of hope for the future of Xinjiang.

Pompeo and your like, the purpose of your egregious actions and despicable tricks is notably obvious, i.e., to destabilize China’s Xinjiang. I warn you that, you underestimated the cohesiveness, effectiveness and the fighting spirit of people from all ethnic groups in China. You are a pile of rubbish in history, and will surely be nailed to the pillar of shame in history for what you have done. We people in Xinjiang will not be fooled, no one in the country will listen to your nonsense, and anyone in the world who is peace-loving and has human conscience will not believe you. In 2020, China's victories in the fight against the epidemic and in its economic growth are the best proof. Only the 25 million people born and raised in Xinjiang have the final word. We are living a happy life! Xinjiang will have a better future!