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This Is the Truth!

Amina Yasen, Guangming Street, Atushi City

I am Amina Yasen. I was born and raised in a happy family of four in Xinjiang and I am a “real” Xinjiang people. When I read the news that the former American State Secretary Pompeo was attacking China for no reason and intentionally smearing Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang, which is a brutal intervention on China’s internal affairs. When Pompeo said the so-called “genocide”, it was absolutely ridiculous. Mr. Pompeo, I want to tell you seriously and firmly that our Xinjiang is stable and secure, we are having better and better development, people are living and working in peace and contentment and all ethnic groups are enjoying a happy life.

When receiving the higher education, I had plans for my life and work. After graduation, I wanted to make my own living, to be an economically independent women and to lighten the burden of my parents. Therefore, at that time I decided to stay and work in Urumqi. Several years later, with the profound feelings for my hometown and my parents, I moved back to my hometown -- Atushi city, turning a new leaf here.

Now I have a stable income, I don’t have to worry about living and I want to live more brightly. I also found my love and am having a happy life, holding more faith to a brilliant future. However, I also hear from news now and then that some American politicians are pointing fingers at “human rights” in Xinjiang, doing all kinds of smearing and defaming activities. I want to tell those with vicious intentions that you are saying just the nonsense. Look around the world, can you find a better place than in Xinjiang where it is so tolerant and helpful to those who are “infected” with religious extremism and have minor crimes? Where can you find a better place than in Xinjiang where the whole country is helping to alleviate poverty? No, Mr. Pompeo, you do not have that! Only in China we did that!

Lastly I want to say that a happy life is our biggest human right. Our life is better and better each day and we feel happy and satisfied. Whether Xinjiang is good or not, it is not for other people to say, but it is for our Xinjiang people to say. The stability, security and happiness in Xinjiang has the say! We will never allow people to sabotage this hard-earning happy life. The so-called “genocide”, made up totally by Pompeo, is just madness and absolute lie. For this madness and lie, we steadfastly say NO!