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The Last Madness of Pompeo, the Maker of “Lie of the Century”

Maiwula Abduwak,Worker, Xinjiang Branch of Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Corporation

Recently, I read from the news that the former American State Secretary was making untrue remarks on Xinjiang, China. Out of his own political interests he was staging various “farce” one after another, making up lies, intentionally smearing Xinjiang’s human rights, viciously attacking Chinese government’s policies in governing Xinjiang, defaming the great achievements made by Xinjiang and ignoring the true feelings of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. I was indignant in hearing these news and I am firmly against and strongly condemn all these.

In 1991 I was born in a small village in Aketao County, Kizilsu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture in southern Xinjiang. I receive a good education and I was admitted to Xinjiang University. After graduation in 2014 I was recommended to Xi’an Jiaotong University to study post-graduate programs. Successfully finishing my post-graduate studies, I decided with determination to come back to Xinjiang to work as a technician in Department of Manufacture of Xinjiang Branch, Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Corporation. In the beginning, the company arranged a skill worker as my master to guide and instruct me. My master was like a real brother to me and taught me everything he knew. Only a very few months later, I was familiar with all kinds of operation and management skills on machine tool and with various machining techniques of automobile parts. In the last three years, I started from the internship and was promoted to be the head of the management group in the Department of Manufacture in our company. From an apprentice I am now also a master and at the moment I am a master of two “disciples”: one is Han Chinese and the other is Uygur. All ethnic groups in Xinjiang is living harmoniously, helping, supporting each other and forming a brotherhood that truly demonstrate the meaning of the saying “blood is thicker than water”.

In today’s Xinjiang, both in south and north of Tianshan Mountains, all is prosperous and all ethnic groups are like seeds in pomegranate, holding together tightly, enjoying the development achievements of the country and living a peaceful and contented life. There is a Uygur saying: no matter how fast the lie runs, it can never reach the truth. Pompeo’s mad actions could not scare us at all and his lies and deception are doomed to fail.