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Lie Won’t Get Its Way at Wisdom and Shameless Conspiracy Is Doomed to Fail

Maimaiti Yusup, Former Attorney General of Xinjiang People’s Procuratorate

Recently, the former American State Secretary Pompeo made remarks on American State Council website, saying that “Xinjiang government carries out such polices as arbitrary custody, depriving people’s rights, forcing sterilization, cruel torture, forcing labour, restricting religious and belief freedom, restricting speech and movement freedom” etc. All these are totally against facts and confusing right and wrong, intentionally defaming Xinjiang’s human rights, brutally vilifying Xinjiang’s brilliant situation and happy life for all ethnic groups, attacking with no reason and smearing Chinese government’s governing policies in Xinjiang, distorting the earth-shaking and thorough changes happening in Xinjiang, savagely intervening China’s internal affairs, strongly breaking international law and basic international relation principles and showing his evil purposes. As an ethnic CPC officer who was born and raised in Xinjiang, I experienced and witnessed Xinjiang’s stable development and am also a beneficiary of it. I express my strong condemnation and am firmly against Pompeo’s remarks on Xinjiang, which shows that he is an absolute liar by brutally intervening China’s internal affairs and seriously damaging international law and basic international relation principles.

The so-called “genocide”, made up by Pompeo, is utter nonsense, which is another lie and another farce staged by him in smearing Xinjiang. According to statistics,the population of Uygur people continues to grow up 25.04% from 2010 to 2018, which is higher than the average level of 13.99% and much higher than the average rate of Han Chinese--2%. With this data, Mr. Pompeo, can I ask you this: this is what you call “genocide”?

The freedom of religious belief for all ethnic groups in Xinjiang is fully respected and protected according to law. The Institution of PRC regulates that: all Chinese have freedom of religious belief, any governing body, social group or individual can not restrict a citizen to believe in a certain religion or not to believe, and they can not discriminate either citizen with religious belief or citizen with no religious belief. With a “coloured glass” and “double standard”, Pompeo attacked China’s religious policies, showing his evil and vicious intention. In the past 4 years there is zero incident of terrorism, and criminal cases, public security cases, civil security cases and public safety cases dropped to a great extent, fulfilling people’s longing and expectation for peach and stability. All prefectures and cities have express ways, all administrative villages have hardened roads, public buses, electricity, optical fiber broadband and all poverty-stricken people are out of poverty with people’s sense of achievement, happiness and security increases all the time. Under the leadership of Communist Party of China, Xinjiang went through an earth-shaking and thorough change, where society is stable, economy is prosperous, and people are living and working in peace and contentment. All these show that CPC’s policies on governing Xinjiang are completely right. As for these false sensational remarks and ridiculous farce made up sheer by Pompeo, we Xinjiang never had that, never have that, and will never have that! His lies and his evil plans will be swept in to the garbage bin in history along with Pompeo himself. Pompeo’s words and actions will surely be nailed on the shame pillar of history, stinking itself all the time.

The various lies made up by Pompeo are not only a great insult to Chinese people, including Uygur people, but also a huge insult to the judgment of American people and international society, and also a betrayal and challenge to basic humanity and conscience. As for these earth-shaking changes and the rapid improvement of people’s living standard in Xinjiang, Pompeo “chose to ignore intentionally”, which was his usual illicit means. Before the facts, lies are always lies. For issues in Xinjiang, Xinjiang people has the most suitable say!The rapidly growing development in Xinjiang is witnessed by all the world. As for these facts, Pompeo chose not to see at all. He made up lies about Xinjiang, provoking relation among ethnic groups and trying to sabotaging Xinjiang’s social stability which is earned with diligent efforts. His words and actions are not only the betrayal and challenge to humanity and basic conscience, but also shows his evil character in lying, deceiving and being notorious. As a saying goes, his heart is taken by Satan.

Xinjiang is China’s Xinjiang. The determination for Xinjiang people to maintaining national sovereignty, security and development will never waver and the determination for Xinjiang people to be against any foreign power’s intervening Xinjiang’s internal affair will never waver. Any conspiracy to intervene Xinjiang’s internal affair and China’s internal affair and to provoke Chinese people is doomed to fail!