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Ugliness Behind the Absurdity, One Should not be Like Mike Pomepo

Nazin Gamalibieke,Cadre of Horgos Economic Development Zone in Yili Prefecture

Absurdity is an unexpectedly perfect word for the absolutely wrong deeds and words of Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo, who openly put forward the theory of "lying, cheating and stealing" in front of the world and brazenly used it in diplomatic occasions, is undoubtedly the "political clown" deeply involved in his madness.

Pompeo has been keen to advocate extreme policies towards Xinjiang in the world since he became Secretary of State of America. What’s more, he even declared that China had committed "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" in Xinjiang.This is not only a great insult to the people of Xinjiang, to the judgment of the American people and the international community, but also a betrayal and a challenge to human morality and basic conscience. If Pompeo is so interested in Xinjiang, well, as a native of Xinjiang, I would like to show him the real situation of the more than 25 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang.

As a leading cadre and an ethnic minority, I grew up in a big family where all ethnic groups gathered. Since childhood, we different ethnic groups have interacted and integrated with each other. Here we help each other and take care of each other, which really makes me feel the warmth of the big family of all ethic groups. At the same time, I have witnessed great changes taking place round me. People who used to worry about their livelihood now live in abundance. And the roads covering with mud laid in the streets and back lanes have been replaced by asphalt roads. Tremendous changes are actually happening all round us every minute.Besides, as a foreign affairs cadre in Horgos City, I often travel from the downtown area to the depth of mountains. Whenever I walk on the roads in this familiar city, I will stop to enjoy the scenery here, and I will never be tired of seeing it. Here, I will meet many lovely people of different ethnic groups, including Han, Kazak, Uygur, Hui and so on. They are rooted here, on the border of the motherland. Despite the hardships, they are optimistic and determined, it is them who have been standing guard day and night to protect the border of our motherland.

Pompeo is a political paranoiac who has lost his basic rationality, and attacking China has almost become his primary business. And the arrogance and ideological prejudice in his blood are the root causes for his obsession of slandering. Therefore, Mike Pompeo can only end up being the enemy against the world, the enemy against reason, conscience and the general trend of history.